Despite what those callously revisionist brewmeisters might have claimed, the scratch was not invented in '82 by a clumsy club DJ knocking his bottle onto his decks… rather, it was birthed in '75 as a young Grand Wizard Theodore--his mom screaming at him for playing his music too loud--paused a record with his finger, revolutionizing the art of DJing forevermore. Far from the stereotypical brittle old-school creator, the former L Brother and Fantastic Fiver is proud of his milestone contributions to the culture and the craft, while celebrating its evolution.

The Grand Wizard will be dropping it way heavy alongside fellow turntable trailblazers Jazzy Jeff and QBert at Chop Suey on January 28. You're gonna want to go right back to Chop Suey the following night too, as Latyrx/Maroons MC Lateef the Truth Speaker will be rocking with the Perceptionists (that's Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, and Fakts One) in what's sure to be a barnburner.

So 50 got shot, and Kanye got into an accident--but Roscoe (Kurupt's lil' bro) was actually declared dead after his vehicle was struck head on by a drunk driver…. Fifteen minutes later, the plucky Youth Authority MC resumed breathing…. Look for some heated testimonials from this up-and-comer, 'cuz there's nothing like facing death to make for some compelling-ass rap music.

Speaking of which, there was that lil' rumor (put out there by no less a personage than the Roots' ?uestlove) that J Dilla, AKA Jay Dee, was in and out of a coma…. Well, thankfully the currently hospitalized beatsmith extraordinaire is doing much better than reported--and should be having another year chock-full of game-changing innovation, not the least of which should be his cover of "Everything in Its Right Place" for an upcoming Radiohead cover LP to be released on BBE.

Grayskul recently shot a video for "Prom Quiz," the first single off their upcoming Rhymesayers LP Deadlivers. The clip reportedly features cameos from the entire Oldominion camp--and that's a lotta mufuckas. Yo, and if you happened to miss that Byrdie/Blue Scholars video premiere a while back, you can check Byrdie's B.Y.R.D.I.E. video at

Thursday, February 3, promises a choice lineup of all-ages local music at Chop Suey with Innercity Hip-Hop Fest 2 that includes Byrdie, Unexpected Arrival, Cool Nutz, Clockwork, Sonny Bonoho, Nutcase, and Souldefy--all hosted by the first Mayor's Award winner Mr. Benjamin. "This will be an event that is inner-city, black, white--international," says Mr. Benjamin, "and that isn't really done historically, in terms of a straight hiphop show. Seattle needs to realize that there's diamonds out here, and that if everybody with a following came together, then it all comes together. I rap myself, but firstly I'm an entrepreneur--I believe in doing it for everybody, not just me."

Unexpected Arrival's Neema Khorrami urges heads to come out and support, offering that "This is a positive event, and furthermore it's artist-driven, which isn't done nearly enough." In other words, it's all about the fuckin' NW, y'all…. See you there.