Northern Lights: The Cinema of Kshama Sawant

Northern Lights: The Cinema of Kshama Sawant
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An old man decides he has an important story to tell about a friend he knew back in the day when he was a farmer. He sits down at his desk and begins to write. To my surprise: The story is important. It’s not about the good old days, or a yarn about the way things were when people believed in God and community. No, his story is about how farmers in North Dakota were radicalized by socialist activists. The plot: In the early years of the 20th century, banks are foreclosing on farms, big businesses are making all of the profits, and farmers are losing everything they own and suffering in the cold. No matter how hard they work, they cannot beat the system. After the people have had enough of this raw exploitation, they give the activists their political support. One of these activists is Ray (Robert Behling), the friend of the old man (who turns out to be the former secretary of the Socialist Party). Ray and his organization take on the banks and win. Laws are changed and the grievances of the farmers are finally addressed. The point of the film, which is beautifully photographed (the ice, the snow, the low clouds, the crooked teeth of Ray’s lover Inga), is that much of this radical past has been forgotten. One must also keep in mind that the film was made in 1977, three years before the Reagan revolution would completely remove this history from American memory. Northern Lights is the cinema of Kshama Sawant.


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yes. Key to this forgetting is the democratic party, which doesn't even remember FDR. There's no big FDR holiday, no memorial that takes in a million visitors a year, the silly dems still remember Jackson and Jefferson for their annual fundraisers, then Obama goes and honors TEDDY Roosevelt in contrast to Franklin! so basically the dems don't story the economy, don't explain how we got out of the depression before, don't explain that lots of socialist type regulations are needed. Obama then comes and makes partners out of INSURANCE COMPANIES one of the leachiest exploitative sectors imaginable -- it's just a health finance scheme, they love it when costs go up and they go from 17% of the economy to why not 20%! more costs is more to insure, they're in the business of expanding costs to get more premiums to get more profits. thank you, Obama. the dems over and over leave in place the biggest bad actors whether wall street, or health "insurers" or banks etc. Part of this is also due to the split in the dems starting in 1968 wherein the white working class sort of becamse culturally the enemy of more effete and more pure liberals and hipsters; you see this today often on issues like the environment. in the end democrats need to tell the story of northern lights, how we got out of the depression (hint -- it was the full on govt. controls of WW2 ) -- or else socialists will. oh well, every nation with better policies than us, from Germany to france to Switzerland to australia, seems to have a labor party or a socialist party so maybe we should, too!
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