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Now Here Is Also Nowhere: Part II

Wednesdays-Sundays. Continues through May 5 2013 This event has passed.   |   $10 suggested Henry Art Gallery, 15th Ave NE and NE 41st St, 206-543-2280
Now Here Is Also Nowhere: Part II continues Henry curator Luis Croquer’s exploration of intangibility in art. It’s a group show. One artist (Pablo Helguera) staged a performance in which the performers slowly left the stage until nobody and no sound was left. Another artist team (Rosalind Nashashibi and Lucy Skaer) shine strobe lights into the darkened galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Now you see the ancient clay tablet, now it’s gone. William Anastasi held his pencil over paper while riding the subway: Are his drawings of anything? Tom Friedman “made” his piece on paper—1000 Hours of Staring, medium: “Stare on paper”—by doing just what the title says. Consider the relationship between the idea and the physical object.

Event contact: 543-2280, Website

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