Now That's What I Call HUMP!

The Greatest Hits of the Beloved Amateur Porn Festival Take a Victory Lap

Now That's What I Call HUMP!

Kelly O

BEST OF HUMP! Watch your friends and neighbors bang on the big screen!

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On June 12, 1972, the World Theater on West 49th Street in New York City premiered an unknown feature-length film called Deep Throat. It was one of the first pornographic films that had an actual plot. Because of initial reviews, celebrity sightings at screenings, and the fact that it was banned in 23 states, Deep Throat ended up grossing millions of dollars. The US government had no idea what to do with the film's wild success, and individual states started flinging obscenity laws around, attempting to prosecute the director, producers, and cast members. The film became a symbol of sexual revolution and rebellion.

"Deep Throat was a badge of the new freedom," says director/icon John Waters in the 2005 documentary Inside Deep Throat. And pornography, for a short time, went mainstream.

My favorite thing about all of those X-rated films from the "porn chic" era of the early 1970s through the late 1980s (films like Behind the Green Door, Boys in the Sand, and Debbie Does Dallas) is that they screened in real theaters, where you had to sit next to other people to see them! They featured real-looking actors, too—sweet, goofy guys like Harry Reems, and ladies like Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers, who still had hairy puuu... well, you know what I'm sayin', hair down there.

These days, sitting in a packed theater with other living, breathing humans to watch porn is a pretty rare experience, and it's one where you consume the sex on the screen in an entirely different way. There's no fast-forwarding, no skipping over parts. You have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. And you enjoy it, respectfully, as a group. You also have to ask yourself at some point, "Have I ever seen a penis or a vagina on a seven-foot-tall screen?!?" No, you probably haven't. And it is a glorious sight!

I've seen every single HUMP! festival in its nine years of existence, and I can attest to its gloriousness. HUMP! films are made by real people (sometimes people with, uh, you know, hair down there). Often, you look at the person sitting next to you in the audience, and it's one of the actors on the screen. That's because HUMP! is local, homegrown smut—organic, farm-to-table, small-batch porn! We pick the best submissions—the funniest, sweetest, kinkiest, and most hardcore. The entries are straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and genderqueer. Almost all the films have plots, and every single one of them is sex-positive. Deep Throat paved the way for regular folks to have fun with sex—and with HUMP!, anybody can be a porn star.

At HUMP!, we protect our stars, too. Every year, after HUMP! is over, all copies of the films are destroyed. The filmmakers keep the only copies of their work. This way, actors get to be porn stars for the weekend and NOT for the rest of their lives.

For the best of HUMP!, we contacted a bunch of filmmakers from the past nine years for permission to screen their films again. We got some of the very best shorts about angel blowjobs, Dungeons & Dragons orgies, porn fluffers, peggers, sex with centaurs, trans men car mechanics, pizza delivery boys, girls lighting the hair down there on fire, third nipples, knife play, dolphin sex, "butt seks," edging, pain sluts with clothespins, chocolate-cream-pie fights, and even an X-rated E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial ("Oooooooouuch!"). All you've got to do is lean back and relax. recommended


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Baxter 1
Where? When? How?
Posted by Baxter on April 16, 2014 at 12:41 PM · Report this
Frankly I dont think any E.T. themed porn could top E 3 the extra testicle. Ron Jeremys acting is unparalled and the actor playing E.T. makes the most fascinating noises when being assfucked. It makes me think that fucking alien pussy would be out of this world. Which makes me wonder weather alien pussy or human pussy is shier.
Posted by terrible hethen on April 16, 2014 at 5:57 PM · Report this
I saw Hump in DC. It was ok.

It's not shocking, irreverent, etc. Most of the movies feature very attractive, in-shape, white people having sex, either straight or gay.

In other words, it's really suited for a small demographic -- I guess that of the Seattle alt crowd.

Dan Savage gave a talk at the beginning about not making "judgmental" or obnoxious comments during the movies, which we just had to laugh about given everyone in the movies was so hot. And he is too. Not exactly your champion of the regular Joe.

They had one token movie with some overweight girls and a black guy. Otherwise it was all very safe and ultimately dull. Even with the fucking.

The first movie was the best -- the fluffer guy.

Give me John Waters for alternate sex and weirdness that really celebrates difference, not the sculpted white bods of the Seattle "alternative" scene. Hump was actually pretty exclusionary, especially for me and my kinky but not so attractive/white/hot friends...

Posted by haroldlamont on April 18, 2014 at 8:51 AM · Report this
"Deep Throat paved the way for regular folks to have fun with sex—and with HUMP!, anybody can be a porn star."

I don't know if you are aware, but Linda Lovelace was by no means having fun with sex in the film, Deep Throat. That entire film was a documentation of her being raped and violently forced into pornography. Her husband and manager used her to make millions and physically, sexually, and emotionally abused her for years. Linda was able to get away from her abusive husband and she wrote a book about her survival and engaged in anti-pornography activism. If you are interested in learning more about Linda, I recommend the film about it, which is available on Netflix.

I am a huge fan of Humpfest, but please do not reference Deep Throat and Linda Lovelace as an example of "having fun with sex" because it is in fact an example of exactly the kind of pornography that we ought to be advocating against.
Posted by just1 on May 9, 2014 at 1:02 PM · Report this

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