COSTUMES! Does my finger smell like duct tape? Paul Constant

Fri Oct 28


Central District

This hillside home, with a majestic view of terrifying Bellevue, is packed wall-to-wall with terrific costumes. At first glance there's an Energizer Bunny, a post-stake Joan of Arc, a love cowgirl, and an avian flu holding a box of tissues. Another woman is wearing a green sweatshirt covered with red yarn and offal; her mask ties the outfit together into a dissected biology frog. One partier proclaims himself Duct-Tape Boy: "I can fix anything!" When we ask what he's repaired recently, Mr. Boy offers, "Just five minutes ago, I fixed someone's drinking problem." He points at a man with a bottle taped to his hand, explaining: "He kept dropping his beer."

There are also eerie glimpses into the future, courtesy of a woman attending as a Magic 8 Ball. A sexy witch asks aloud, "Will I ever have a job that's not retail?" She then shakes Ms. 8 Ball's shoulders vigorously and reaches into a pouch around her neck, producing a scrap of paper that reads, "Yes yes yes Yessssss!" There is much elation. Another woman, covered in cardboard "magnetic poetry," asks, "Am I too young to get married?" Her fortune, which simply reads, "Moist," seems a chilling yet obtuse message from beyond.

A tall, charming drag queen named Aquafina is smoking on the porch, complaining about his heels. We ask if he dresses in women's clothing often. "No," he retorts dryly, "I do not normally duct tape my balls to my ass," which inspires another partygoer to snark, "There's a guy inside who can help with that."

More Halloween parties next week.

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