Mustaches are widely adored for the qualities they evoke: virility, charm, intelligence, and the manly ability to open any jar, no matter how stuck the lid may seem to be. One word that mustaches don't often illustrate is "charity," but this party is proof that one of the many things you can find encrusted within a mustache is the milk of human kindness.

It's the second annual Mustache-a-Thon, a fundraiser for 826 Seattle, a nonprofit that functions as both a space-travel-supply store and a center that helps students develop their expository- and creative-writing skills. Dozens of men and women have offered their upper lips as fertile ground for the seeds of goodwill. Their lustrous Hulk Hogans, Errol Flynns, and Frida Kahlos collectively raised over $15,000 for 826 Seattle.

All that money safely stashed, it's time to soak the lip fur in beer and dust it with the crumbs of snacks. The beguiling cartoonist Jessixa is doing caricatures of bewhiskered faces. There's fudge shaped like Taft-staches and sandwiches cut into the shape of rakish Faulkners. Partiers play Pin the Mustache on Tom Selleck and watch the Burt Reynolds movies The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Smokey and the Bandit on screens spread along the back wall. The charming, celebratory sounds of C'mon C'mon are perfect for a crowd that's eager to hit the keg of Full Sail. The band even briefly lets a guest toddler play their keyboards, although it should be noted that the child's face is conspicuously bald. recommended

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