Pho Bac

1314 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA (map)

phone 206-323-4387
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Most Pho is just fine. It ubiquitous, edible and cheap. You can get it here and I hear it's better than most. BUT the thing you MUST eat here is Bun Ga Xao - somethng like that anyway.. just remember #27 that's the number on the menu. I mean it. Remember it. You won't regret it. It's vermicelli noodles with crispy bits of chicken on top and various vegetables. Just trust me on this. Faith is not my strong point, but I took the leap on good advice and haven't looked back. Because of my commitment to work at Bodhichitta I'm writing this review for you. Enjoy.

Posted by Charles on June 17, 2007 at 3:17 PM | Report this comment

This is my Favorite Pho place I drive all the way from Everott to eat here. I have tried several other places but this is the best.

Posted by Indian Gardener on November 4, 2007 at 5:05 PM | Report this comment

This place is hands-down my favorite pho shop in Seattle. The soup out-deliciouses all competitors, and the service is friendly and quick (although the shop is usually pretty crowded around lunch time). Hot jasmine tea while you wait, and a large menu to choose from. Really, the perfect place to hole up from the rainy Seattle winter. Just be warned: they are cash-only, so stop by an ATM on the way there.

Posted by Chip on December 3, 2007 at 1:47 PM | Report this comment

I found this spot 4 years ago after trying almost every pho resturant in Seattle....really...I would walk around everyday and have pho at least twice a day. Only thing I would eat in college. The bowls are big, hot and filled with i like it. It seriously is the best tasting pho. and its nice to go there and get a bowl quick and be out the door. Feels like im eatting at my aunts house. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Posted by pho ku on February 24, 2008 at 10:15 PM | Report this comment

I have tried many Pho places around Seattle and this is by far the best. The service is amazingly quick and friendly. The broth at Pho Bac is incredible, the perfect remedy for if you are feeling under the weather. Everything is amazing. Simple and perfect. Nothing over done, nothing fancy, just a great bowl of Pho.

Posted by Emma on January 11, 2009 at 4:40 PM | Report this comment

This will always be THE original Seattle Phở joint.

In the old days (mid-'80s), it was known only by the big sign above it proclaiming "Cat's Submarine".

Inside, beneath the old defunct sub sandwich menu (no of which were apparently available for order), were friendly but busy employees dishing up the only available menu item -- described on a scrap of cardboard taped to the wall as "Beef Noodle Bowl $2.25".

None of us gringos knew that we were in for. The soup (we didn't even know it was called "phở" back then) was heavenly, and we improvised with the accompanying basil, mint, lime, sprouts and chilies, following the lead of the Vietnamese customers.

We were also happily rewarded by following their lead and ordering the amazing iced coffee. This last was even more of a procedural education: wait forever (no peeking!) for coffee to drip into glass, stir slowly to mix with the portion of condensed milk, pour magic potion into awaiting glass of ice.

Back then, the "point" of this triangular-shaped restaurant was outdoors and only a thin garden screen sheltered customers from the passing traffic on Boren and Jackson streets. They also played fantastic music back then: a moody collection of psychadelic viet high-reverb freak-outs including Vietnamese versions from The Doors' songbook. Very 'Apocalypse Now' to our ears, and spooky enough to keep us feeling like outsiders.

We didn't know the place by it's alternate name, "Phở Bac" until several years later when a new sign was erected.

My first, my last, my everything.

Posted by GasparFagel on May 21, 2010 at 9:12 AM | Report this comment

For the last 8yrs, Pho Bac @ 1314 S Jackson St in Seattle was the place for Pho for me and my family untill yesterday 11/12/2011. I was eating my Pho when I realized a COCKROACH in my Pho. I told the lady about it, she just took my plate and went inside the kitchen. I paid in full our orders and nothing back was offered to me, no discount. A lot of my friends told me that I should had not paid, but I felt I have been coming here for so long, I do not see the purpose of not paying, all I know is that I will never come back. I just wanted to post this so others will know before eating in this place. Please repost to let others know.

Posted by Phillipe on November 14, 2011 at 2:21 AM | Report this comment

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