Green star Rover's: CLOSED (Madison Park)

2808 E Madison
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 325-7442

Rover's is one of the fine-dining-est places in town, and chef/owner Thierry Rautureau—a.k.a. "The Chef in the Hat" for his omnipresent headwear (what's under there?)—has been dispensing "the cuisine of the Pacific Northwest refined by a French accent" here since the beginning of time, a.k.a. 1987. (In 2010, the Chef/Hat opened his nearby "French-American" bistro, Luc.) Per its website, Rover's appears to be named after an Irish fable about a dinner party thrown by a dog of the same name for his animal friends. The restaurant is located in a small house on a courtyard set back from the street in Madison Valley. The setting is sweet, though the decor and feel of the place are both notably staid; the food can be fantastic—very spendy, but fantastic. If your great-aunt wants a schmancy dinner, and she's paying, Rover's is a good choice.
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Domino Thierry

Prepare yourself for meal that you will not soon forget! Rover's Chef Thierry Rautureau will serve you the finest in French cuisine that Seattle has to offer. With the course meal, each course is the prefect compliment to the one that came before and a perfect setup for the one to follow. The Sea Scallop with Baby Beets, Foie Gras and Balsamic Vinegar is simply delicious, yet complex in flavor. The Wine List is as heavy and varied as the Seattle phone book. The Symphony of Desserts completes the meal.
Posted by heavymoe on July 11, 2007 at 9:04 AM · Report this

Reputation well deserved, but much too expensive

After ten years of hearing rave reviews from friends we finally tried this institution to celebrate a special occasion. It may take us another ten years to finish paying off the first visit. While it is now possible to order individual items a la carte, this place is rightfully famous for its chef tasting menus. We each had the "grand" tasting menu - 11 courses in all, at $130/person. Of course we wanted wines paired with each course, which adds another $75/person. For two of us, with tax and tip, that came to a breathtaking $550. All of the food was good, and a few items were truly stunning (the seared scallop in lobster and sea bean bisque, and the lamb medallions for instance). I disagree with the review below that the food is stuck in 1978. There is classic French influence here to be sure, but the ingredients, preparations and presentations were all quite contemporary. The dining room is a bit too formal and old fashioned for my taste, but my guess is that most of their customers (who are an older and wealthier demographic) feel quite at home. The real star of the evening was the wine - a new glass delivered with each course, each perfectly matched to the food. This is an experience worth having at least once, especially if somebody else is paying the bill.
Posted by Curiosity killed the savings account on July 2, 2007 at 1:11 PM · Report this

Silly Little Restaurant

Danger! Entering time warp. A disconcerting experience awaits you. Did you not have a meal in France at the table of Paul Bocuse, the brothers Jean and Pierre Troisgros or Michel Guerard? Despair not mon frier, 1978 is alive and well at Rover's. Gimmicky chapeau laden tyrant Thierry What's-his-name provides a culinary wormhole to a not so distant past. Cooking is solid. Ingredients well foraged, although adherence to seasonality is debatable. Wine list markup is high. Dress code should be enforced at these prices (I sat next to a guy (Microsoft, no doubt) in a Coors tee-shirt). Should you be intrigued by the opportunity to culinarily time travel at great personal expense, this is your place.
Posted by CK Dexter Haven on June 6, 2007 at 12:34 PM · Report this

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