Last week, in an interview with NBC's Bob Costas, former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach and accused child-ass-fucker Jerry Sandusky, 67, vigorously insisted that he is not a pedophile: "Am I sexually attracted to underage boys? ...Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. I... but, no, I am not sexually attracted to young boys." recommended Centre County district judge Leslie Dutchcot was removed from her position presiding over the child sexual molestation case of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky after it was revealed that she volunteers for the Second Mile, Sandusky's charity for "at-risk" children. Dutchcot had granted Sandusky a mere $100,000 unsecured bail on 40 charges of molesting eight boys, far less than the $500,000 bail and an ankle monitor requested by prosecutors. recommended Longtime Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, 66, was placed on administrative leave after new allegations that he molested two "ball boys" during the 1980s and 1990s. recommended University of Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel, 59, was suspended for one week without pay after his arrest and guilty plea on a drunk driving charge, a relative display of civic leadership that wins him Sports Blotter's coveted Non-Pedophile Coach of the Week Award. recommended