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The 619 Western Artists: One Year Later

Wednesdays-Sundays. Continues through Jan. 31 2013 This event has passed.   |   Free Edd Cox Fine Art, 313 First Avenue South, 206-682-4046

Reception Thurs Dec 6, 6-10 pm.
Remember the 619 Western building? That sprawling enclave of totally-not-up-to-fire-code studio spaces that was packed to the gills every First Thursday? The building was condemned in order to make room for the viaduct, and in October 2011, the 120 artists of 619 Western vacated. Filmmakers Brian Nunes and John Backstrom have made a documentary about both the history of the building and what the artists have done in the year since they left, and they're screening it at this nearby venue this month.

Edd Cox Fine Art

313 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA, 98104 (Pioneer Square)
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