Description: A Belltown dive filled with eccentrics—many of them apparently down-and-out, many of them perfectly friendly.

Fair warning: The ladies' room has no doors. It's just a naked toilet resting in the nook of a hall. Skittish about being burst in on? You may want to leave your pee at home.

Bonus for literature dorks: Hot-shit writer Denis Johnson mentions Kelly's in his 1992 short-story collection Jesus' Son.

Excerpt: "I pushed through the door into Kelly's. Inside they sat with their fat hands around their beers while the jukebox sang softly to itself. You'd think they'd found out how, by sitting still and holding their necks just so, to look down into lost worlds."

Happy hours: None. But the always-cheap wells ($3.25) are close enough.

Hours: Daily 5 am–2 am (alcohol is not served until 6 am). recommended