Kelly O

Description: A dark and classy lounge located at First Hill's luxurious Sorrento Hotel.

Notable guests of the Hunt Club: Dan Aykroyd.

About that: He was just there a few weeks ago. He ordered Cristal.

Notable guests of the Sorrento: A lady ghost.

About that: According to legend, she was formerly a prostitute slain by a male lover in the 1930s, and she mostly hangs out in the stairwell between the sixth and seventh floors. But perhaps it is also she who is responsible for the Hunt Club's lightweight roster of paranormal events. (Some patrons have heard strange noises or witnessed glasses spontaneously sliding themselves. That's about it.)

Happy hours: Daily 4–6 pm and 9 pm–close.

Happy-hour drink specials: $4 call wells, $4 import beer (Peroni, Red Stripe), $3.50 microbrews (Pike's Naughty Nellie, Terminal Gravity IPA), $2.50 domestics (Bud, PBR), $4 house wine.

Happy-hour food specials: Fifty cents each chilled shrimp or fried oysters, $4 ham and cheese panini, $5 lamb chop, and more.