Nobody intends to imply anything illegal here—sweet Jesus!—and therefore nobody's saying that it's crucially important to be "tripping balls" (whatever that means) or as baked as Rick Steves's birthday cake (whatever that means) to really squeee-eeze every delicious drop of enjoyment-juice from the Technicolor teat of an episode of Collide-O-Scope. But I certainly don't don't mean to imply that one shouldn't be neither, nope. And this is because YES ON I-502! (Oh! And you should know that there are always FREE RED VINES, and that they're the safe, gentle, life-affirming, and genuinely RED kind of Red Vines, not the evil BLACK sort that's been all over the news lately and is apparently filled with "high levels of lead"... but still. Try not to smoke them.)

Collide-O-Scope is a hell of a thing. Let's start at the "beginning": There are these two hot guys who TOTALLY want me so bad (as if!) called Shane and Michael. You can tell them apart because THE BEARD. Then there's Dina Martina. NO! WAIT! She doesn't have anything to do with anything almost, but Shane and Michael are famous for producing tons of those melt-your-face-off hilarious video interludes that Ms. Martina is wont to salt-n-pepper throughout her shows, and Collide-O-Scope is their psychedelic and every-so-often night of "found" video footage fuck-you-up witchcraft—they take a heap of raw video material, theme it (or the other way around), e-glue it together in the most trippy and hilarious ways possible, and KABLAMMO! Collide-O-Scope, "An audio/visual feast with an ass-load of laughs!" Sometimes it happens at Re-bar, sometimes at Central Cinema, every episode is a different theme filled with unsuspected treasures, it always features ridiculous prize giveaways, and did I mention free Red Vines? (Okay. Smoke them. Whatever.)

This episode of Collide-O-Scope explores the perverse and irresistibly delightful nightmare that is the darker side of DISNEY. That "Walt" dude and his sick crew came up with some seriously hair-raising shit back when he was young and alive and not just a frozen head awaiting some hellish form of rebirth, and the Collide-O-Scope boys will explore every twitching, Nazi-loving inch of it—with some wonderfully filthy adjuncts and porn parodies tossed in to boot. (Why not?) The good, the bad, the weird... plus dirty Little Mermaid and Peter Pan stuff, and free Red Vines? Shoot. I'll say nothing more. Central Cinema, 7 pm, $6 adv/$8 DOS, all ages.