Kelly O


What was born as a protest against police harassment two-ish years ago has become a booze-and-lust-fueled adventure in perversion. Delicious! And Nark Magazine, the producer of the event, has invited special guest Willam from RuPaul's Drag Race to host-slash-perform. Haute Toddy from San Francisco will man the decks (as 'twere), and DJ Nark himself has promised to spank your bottom if you're naughty. And you are. Seattle Eagle, 10 pm, $10, 21+.



Jinkx Monsoon is the most exciting thing to happen to Seattle drag since Boy Mike threw a burning candle at Mark Finley's head. (If you're curious, that historic event was captured by Paleolithic painters in the Lascaux caves in France.) Jinkx is by bounding gay leaps the best queen standing on RuPaul's Drag Race—in my humble opinion, she's blowing the rest out of the bathtub. They did a dance challenge—Jinkx was the only queen who could do more than crunk. (Plié! Arabesque! Flawless.) During the singing challenge? Most of the others croaked like emphysemic granny toads, while Jinkxy blew the doors off with a single note that lasted forever. Her draggy ensembles are tranny perfection (and mostly designed for her by Jamie Von Stratton, you know), and her now-really-famous performance as Little Edie during Snatch Game is now really famous. And while the other girlz snipe shade like professional shade snipers, Jinkx plays the Proper Real Lady with professionalism, charm, and grace. ("Water off a duck's back!" is her calming mantra when the "T" starts flying.) And now, in its kajillionth week, this season of Drag Race feels like something of an extended Gay Super Bowl Sunday around these parts—tittering hordes of eager fags flock to every gay bar with a TV every Monday to cheer her on: Diesel, the Lobby, and Madison Pub all throw weekly watching events. But you have to see it at Julia's on Broadway at least once before it's all over, as it is where Jinkx is in the real living flesh. Ben DeLaCreme interviews her each week, they banter brilliantly, and Jinkx gives insights and dishes backstage secrets. It's delightful! And you know? It's beginning to seem like she just might win this thing. Julia's on Broadway, 8 pm, free, all ages.