If you are a fan of bloody-faced shock queens, indie/goth gayness, indescribable perversion, and worshipping the devil (probably), this is where you want to be tonight. (BYOVS—Bring Your Own Virgin Sacrifice.) The music, dancing, and booze are merely the black icing on the diseased cake. With Hilt TrollSplinter, Cherry Sur Bête, and Ozma Otacava. Mercury, 9 pm, $5/$3 members, 21+.



So. Yeah. This, um, "Lady Gaga" person or whoever. She's in town, I guess. I've got seats. I hear they are pretty good, too. Whatevs. How 'bout you? KeyArena, 7:30 pm, $35–$200, all ages.



Perhaps Sylvia O'Stayformore is some kind of forward-minded drag genius with her beady-lashed eyes on the future? A "long-game" type of gurl with a plan? I'm beginning to suspect so. She has clearly said, "KISS MY PADDED ASS!" to the evil land-grab/gentrification nightmare that is Capitol Hill these days, absconded from it good and proper and branched out to untried locales elsewhere. For instance? Georgetown. (Oh, light rail! You're a blessing and a fucking curse.) But what gay/gayish venue is in that strange land that lives in the shadow of the giant R? Well, that's the problem, isn't it? So our dear Sylvia, ever intrepid queen that she is, simply reflected upon her trailer-trash roots and did what she had to do: take over the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall! She calls it "Trailer Park Drag Strip," which doesn't sound anything like, oh, say, "Bacon Strip" (RIP), so, you know, that's good. But check this out: Honey Bucket is performing (most appropriately, indeed), and Jackie Hell, and that boxy-hipped so-and-so DonaTella Howe, and James and Kerry Darling, so, you know. IT'S NOTHING LIKE BACON STRIP. (RIP!) There will be tons of live music, including but not limited to the Moonspinners, and something called a "Trailer Park Stud" called "Deon." Provocative! Trashy! SYLVIA! Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, 5 pm, free, all ages.


Also on Saturday! After an almost-two-million-year hiatus (where've they been?), Nark and DJ Derek Pavone are gifting us a treasure: a revival of their dance night Bottom Forty! All the blood-pumping beats and dizzy, drunken debauchery you remember, plus free T-shirts! (IF you RSVP to or something.) With DJ Hyasynth and our old friend Riff-Raff. Kremwerk, 10 pm, $10, 21+. recommended