I'm not sure about the long-term effects of leaving young children with Babysitter, but if their small ears could handle a barrage of scowling punk fuck-offs, they might glean some valuable warnings concerning postadolescence. At times recalling fellow charred weirdo-rockers like Black Lips and Strange Boys, Babysitter's quieter songs form some of the bleakest ennui I've ever heard. "Middle Class Skid" tells of a 21st-century death wish: "You don't got to go too far/To be too far gone," a sentiment enough young adults now living with their parents again could tell you more about. There's also the one titled "I Need to Get High Before I Kill Myself." However, it's by alternating between moments of incredible excitement and crippling self-loathing that Babysitter capture the essence of being a no-prospects twentysomething. It only takes a few minutes (or beers) to go from feeling on top of the world to feeling down on your luck (and then back again). Funny Button, 8 pm.



After both 2008 and 2011's Sasquatch! Music Festivals, I listened as friends who'd come back from the Gorge told the story of an unassuming instrumental duo, armed only with acoustic guitars, who managed to keep scores of attendees rapt with their dazzling and technical brilliance. By now you may know of Rodrigo y Gabriela's flamenco-guitar-meets-metal-riffs (they parlayed the sound into a soundtrack for the latest Pirates of the Carribean film), but tonight sees the group play their first stateside performance with a backing band. Area 52, the latest from Rodrigo y Gabriela, is their Soft Parade. They took several old songs and recorded them in Havana with a 13-piece orchestra, and while it strips away some of the group's mysticism, the C.U.B.A. band nonetheless provides a needed jolt. Hopefully it will break some transfixed stares into serious booty shaking. Paramount Theatre, 7:30 pm, $41.25.