Devin Cochran


Seattle garage-punk band So Pitted offer a welcome alternative in a garage scene oversaturated with fuzzed-out, bleary Seeds rehash. Luckily for enthusiasts of punk backed by brains, the locally based live series BLDGs put out the So Pitted jam "Mono" back in March on the 12bandPROJECT release, which also features fuzzy nuggets from local underground heavy hitters Posse, Pony Time, and Dude York. "Mono" is a lo-fi gem that sees vocalist Nathan Rodriguez (formerly of Spurm) wrenching out a near-juvenile rant, culminating in the shouted chorus "It's all because of you!" The energy of the recording translates well onstage (i.e., fun as hell), and they can play, too, to our eternal appreciation.

Not to be confused with the rapper of the same name ("I got ladies on each arm, had you thinkin' they came with the suit"), Apache Chief are a young Tacoma three-piece cruisin' for your ear's bruisin' with their sludgy metal-tinged garage punk. They formed in 2009 at their high school, Tacoma School of the Arts, and all members are still under the age of 21. With the carnal pigfuck of their first full-length, Trail of Beers, the band wants you to "smoke weed with Satan," and you should probably oblige. Apache Chief continue Tacoma's tradition as a city of maximum garage (the Sonics, the Ventures, Girl Trouble), delivering trashy and loud rock for the 21st-century set.

Another band unconcerned with political correctness, School Shootings play hardcore punk with an abrasiveness that brings LA punk bands like the Bags or the Germs to mind. Backed by the blast beats of drummer Peter Phillips (aka Sioux City Pete, who will also be opening the show solo with his junkyard death blues), vocalist Amanda Prince staggers around like Debbie Harry on tranquilizers but sounds as if she might be performing an exorcism. It's a roller coaster you mostly want to ride, with Black Flag covers and some enjoyable turns along the way. Josephine, 9 pm.