When I saw that local two-piece Glitterbang—who are headlining the Central District extravaganza known as Hoodstock—listed glam/synth pioneer Gary Numan, morose post-punk legends Joy Division, and Bonjour jeans commercials as influences, I got excited. If you're not familiar with the '80s jeans adverts, they are disco-saturated and ultra-tacky; the ending of one, which compares them to a sports car, reads "Bonjour action jeans: beautiful... but dangerous." After listening to them, I found Glitterbang were more danceable than I expected; their debut Piano Fight EP packs the glitchy electropop punch to get your rump knockin'. They will be closing Hoodstock, an all-day event featuring 14 local acts curated by the ladies of local "locomotive punk" band NighTraiN. Hitting the stage at 6:40 p.m. are Sports, Seattle's least Google-friendly band. Contemporaries of sizzling electronic acts like Beat Connection, Sports are awash in glo-fi production (think hazy beaches + disco) and baby-making beats.

Also worthy of checking out: the venerable DJ Riz, host of long-running KEXP electronic show Expansions, kicking everything off at 3 p.m. Set to take the stage following Riz, all-male Seattle trio Branden Daniel & the Chics branded the city with the phrase "Chic Shit" for a gazillion months to promote the release show for their first self-released LP, Keep Em Flying. I'm not sure whether or not to get offended by the phrase "Chic Shit," but they appear to be well-intentioned, whether they are "sheiks" or "chicks" (on their website, they say they are neither in this cryptic message: "Oh, and it's not Brendan Daniels & the CHICKS, not SHEEKS, not SHEIKS........just Chics-shit!"). I still see the damn posters around, although Keep Em Flying came out May 8. The album, 10 tracks of pure '60s-garage-rock worship, seems to have swallowed an entire Nuggets box set. I couldn't escape the image of paisley blouses while listening, and I bet you all my lavender there will be some onstage. With James Lanman, Bob & the Dangerous Brothers, Strong Like Woman, Minirex, Christina Orbe, the Connerys, Side Pony, Cizl, the Black Tones, and Hobosexual. Milky Way House, 3–9:30 pm.


Fri July 27: Stickers at Spin Cycle, 6 pm, free.