Green star Venik Lounge (South Lake Union)

227 Ninth Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 223-3734

This tiny place has the dark wood and tasteful upholstery of an upscale hotel bar, but it also may contain people wearing bathrobes and flip-flops; Venik is the upscale canteen for Banya 5, Seattle's neo-Russian spa two doors down. A shot of vodka is recommended (and traditional) for health reasons prior to soaking, steaming, and being beaten with branches, and an impressive amount of garlic and hot peppers infuse the house liquor, served in a cold, slender shot glass with half a pickle. It's bracingly, moderately spicy, putting Absolut Peppar to shame. The snacky menu includes stuff like meatballs with wild mushroom cream sauce, green salad with Stilton, and macaroni with Beecher's cheese.
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Venik Lounge
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