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Single Shot Is Open on Capitol Hill, and It Looks Great

Bartender Crush: Anh at Momiji

First Draft: Toronado Seattle

Bartender Crush: Matt at Bathtub Gin

Bartender Crush: Ian at Bar Sue

The Always-Awesome Darlene at the Ballard Smoke Shop

Bartender Crush: Tessa at Monkey Loft

A Transcendental Underground Wine Bar

Bartender Crush: Victoria at Cha Cha

Apples and Pears, Made into Delicious Alcohol!

When Wine Goes Bad

What I Learned at Bumbershoot 2014

Bartender Crush: Jordan at Oddfellows

Bartender Crush: Felicia at Waterwheel Lounge

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Are You Drinking Prosecco?

Beer Education Is the Best Kind of Education

Bartender Crush: Liz at Canterbury

What the Hell Is a White Wine Spritzer?

Murray Stenson Says This Aquavit Workshop Is Awesome

A Brand-New Beer Bar from Two Boeing Engineers

A Man from Spokane: Meet Joe Russell of Russell's

Bartender Crush: Zak at Shorty's

No Dive Bar is Safe: Bye Bye 2 Bit Saloon

Lost Lake Is Selling a Beer That’s as Delicious as God

Bartender Crush: Rob at AQUA by El Gaucho

Drinking in Eden

HOTPOCALYPSE 2014: Seattle Heatwave Survival Guide

It's 82 Degrees Out... Here Are Seattle's Greatest Decks!

How Old Is Too Old to Be a Bartender?

Bartender Crush: Shandra at Kremwerk

Bartender Crush: Thomas at Via Tribunali

Two Drinks A Day Makes a Man a Heavy Drinker

Bartender Crush: Jermaine at The Whale Wins

Bartender Crush: Erin at Zig Zag Cafe

Sunday Comic

Bartender Crush: Heidi at Hard Rock Cafe

Hey, Seattle Google Glass Owners!

Bartender Crush: Carlee at Bait Shop

Bartender Crush: Elmer at Bar Sajor

Where Would I Get a Drink Tonight?

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