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Overheard in the Office

His Dad Kills People for a Living

The King and the Prince Rolled into One

YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fukushima Fifty

Gaddafi's Female Bodyguards

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Guess What I Wear as a Hat? A Lentil!

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If This Were My Puppy...

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Today in WTF!?

Violence Over Valuable Pencils at Franklin High School

Michelle & Barack

That Smile

Naked 91-Year-Old Man Holds Intruder at Gunpoint

"Why do you want to change your body?"

Today in Self-Aggrandizing Subject Lines

Hutchison: The Bullshit Continues

Prejean, Translated

Dept. of Lost and Found

New in Restaurants: Dale Wamstad's Lost Lady Cantina

Re: Apropos of Nothing

Apropros of Nothing

No, You Actually Can't

The Dog Owner

The Portrait of a Portrait Portrait

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