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A Trip to Jimi Hendrix's Grave with Ken the Ghost Hunter

Sad Stuff: Underground Comics Giant Dennis Eichhorn is Dead

I Just Saw Rich Smith Kill a Mouse With His Boot!

Today Is the Day Balzac Died from Drinking Too Much Coffee

Ann Rule

The Place to Buy Horses in Enumclaw

Acid-House Innovator Charanjit Singh Has Died

Jazz Innovator Ornette Coleman Dies at 85

Missing Man in Alaska Found in Frozen Pond

Isidor Martinez

How Much Will It Cost to Dispose of Your Remains?

Reports Say the Man Killed by LAPD on Sunday Is African

RIP, Actor and Director Christopher Zinovitch

SkyMall Magazine Has Filed for Bankruptcy

What It's Like Working for a Funeral Home

What It's Like Working for a Funeral Home

RIP, Small Faces Keyboardist Ian McLagan

RIP, Rolling Stones Sax Player Bobby Keys

Honduran Beauty Queen Murdered by Her Boyfriend

A Halloween Treat from 2014 Genius Winner Drew Christie

"Hungry" No Longer: RIP Paul Revere

The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire Is Dead

Two Nights Ago, My Dead Mother Came to Me in a Dream

RIP, Slogger Rhett Oracle

Joan Rivers Has Died

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