trent moorman

Decibel Festival, also known as Dave Segal's Birthday and Christmas Combined Festival, was a success. Here is what you may have missed: "a fluctuating bass tone that felt like a blanket sweeping over you and tucking you in for your eternal dirt nap," "deep drone zones, sculpted airplane- engine roar, lopsided house music, mid- tempo funk, and a Moog-like babble," "intricate electro steez with punishing bass," and "there were 17 laptops onstage."

• A rep from EAW, the company that equipped Neumos with extra-powerful speakers during Decibel, told the festival's officials that the goal was "to leave stretch marks on your face." Mission accomplished! We've never heard such invasive bass frequencies in our lives.

• The Blue Moon Tavern in the University District has booked all-female Soundgarden cover band Bleed Together for Friday, October 5, and all-female Radiohead cover band Pablo Honeys for Saturday, October 6. Booker Jason Josephes says, "I didn't plan on this, it just happened."

• "Baby" singer Justin Bieber (he just sings a song called "Baby," but Biebs is a TEEN now, you guys) worried kajillions of fans after puking onstage during a show in Glendale, Arizona. He was battling illness or whatever famous people say when they do something embarrassing, and afterward he tweeted a picture of himself in bed with a sad face and said, "Great show. Getting better for tomorrow's show!!!! Love u," then followed up with "And... Milk was a bad choice! Lol." Justin Bieber drinks MILK before shows? Okay, fine, Justin Bieber is still a baby.

• Our inebriated neighbors (inebriaeighbors) in Belltown hosted the 12 AM Awards at the Crocodile last week. The 12 AM Awards is a ceremony that honors Belltown industry folk who work hard and party hard at bars like the Crocodile, Shorty's, and Lava Lounge. Awards in such categories as Favorite Bartender and Cutest Couple were given out—with Best Drunken Moment going to Meggan French for the time she "chewed through her tent while freaking out at Burning Beast." One more time, that's CHEWED THROUGH HER TENT. When Ms. French received her award, she pointed out that to describe the incident as merely "drunken" was not entirely accurate. Chris Jones, local men's affashionado, later told us he "got screwed out of Favorite Drinking Buddy and King of Belltown!" Better luck next year!

• Boe Oddisey of the Boe Oddisey Scarf Dance and Art Company was spotted in leopard-print lingerie spreading his special kind of magic during Decibel's sunny Do-Over at the Broadway Performance Hall Plaza last Saturday. Boe, who came to Seattle from Bremerton in 1971, gives out hugs and art and is available for private parties. He said, "Celebrate and seize the day... Exotic and/or all-age scarf dancing, comedy, abstract, acrylic painting, massage for you. Clean, sober, tobacco free, vegan option on life. Just do it. The time is now. We are here." recommended