• There have been murmurs in Seattle's music underground that the Black Lodge—host of many amazing shows over the years—won't be renewing its lease and will be shutting down after March. Please don't let this be true!

• The Seattle School of Rock performed Green Day's perfect pop gem of an album Dookie at Chop Suey on Saturday. The performers, local musicians age 7 to 18, played Dookie songs with a Kerplunk intermission for good measure. Though some kids dressed the part by wearing eyeliner and red skinny ties, they managed to avoid throwing Billie Joe Armstrong–style hissy fits and getting carted off to rehab.

• Looks like TWO different versions of the massively influential, punker-than-thou band Black Flag have reunited, causing an internet ruckus about which version of Black Flag was best and which singer was most awesome—but really, the important thing to remember here is how much Greg Ginn loves cats.

• Last Wednesday, the Crocodile hosted a benefit show for local musician Jake Bruggman of the Good Wives, who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. After a fun-filled night of excellent music—Telekinesis's one-man/one-tiny-guitar set was particularly charming—the Good Wives closed the show, and Bruggman's bandmates debuted their newly shaved heads in solidarity with their friend.

The Trashies pulled themselves out of the gutter to thrash the Black Lodge on Saturday and play possibly their best set ever, despite it also being possibly their drunkest ever. Word is that the gunk-rock shamans are working on a new album called Teenage Rattlesnakes that will be out any minute, or whenever they feel like it.

• A hot Crappening tipper saw someone at the grocery store buying the following items: a bottle of vodka, two Emergen-C packets, a microwave burrito, and Bass Player magazine. Anyone who thinks rock 'n' roll is dead needs to wake the fuck up.

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown allegedly got into a fight over a parking space. Unfortunately, the incident did not end in Chris Brown (and Chris Brown's Twitter account) disappearing forever.

Kenny G played a four-night stand at Jazz Alley, where it was reported by no one that his hair glistened with the gleam of a thousand full moons and caused the entire crowd to dissipate into vapor, which was then drawn into the business end of his magical spirit-sucking sax.

• Meagan Grandall of Lemolo had a show in her bedroom in Poulsbo on Saturday night (in a house near Lemolo Shore Drive—aha!). Daniel Blue of Motopony opened. People sat on the windowsills, the carpet, the bed; the lighting was dim and the feeling was like being in a really pleasant cult. The show raised $1,600 for her friend's dog, who has cancer but happily was still able to attend the show. recommended