Kelly O

Eugenie Jones sounded like old-fashioned jazz magic at Columbia City's Royal Room last Friday night, except for the less-magic moment when she explained what Kickstarter is from the stage. Her new recording, Black Lace Blue Tears, is available online (along with her Kickstarter).

• On Saint Patrick's Day on Sunday, we couldn't help but notice there was only a SINGLE green-and-white Cat in the Hat hat spotted in all of Belltown, and only two instances of shamrock-shaped glasses in all three stories of the downtown Target. Step it up, Seattle, step it up.

• The second annual Balkan Night Northwest started off on Friday night at the Russian Community Center. Revelers of all ages celebrated the food, music, and culture of Southeast Europe­—a swelling circle of dancers rotated to the music pumped out by several live bands, including the bass-and-drum ensemble Orkestar Zirkonium. The highlight of the evening was when the jubilant cook sprang from the kitchen and performed a mock striptease with his apron.

The Catheters played the Stranger's Penumbra bash on Saturday at King's Hall, and they killed it—proving that sometimes you can take an eight- or nine-year break and start right back up, as long as there's enough beer present.

• If you're in London on March 27, you may want to check out Mirroring, the duo of Seattle's Tiny Vipers (aka Jesy Fortino) and Portland's Grouper (aka Liz Harris); they are playing the Yard club there. In case you missed it, Mirroring's beautiful ambient-folk album Foreign Body was one of last year's highlights.

• Up-and-coming Seattle septet Rose Windows had to cancel their SXSW shows due to the illness of vocalist Rabia Qazi. Guitarist Chris Cheveyo elaborates: "We will continue home as a six-piece filling the souls of whoever will listen for the remainder of our Southern tour. If you were looking forward to seeing us, please come show your support. We will return once again full in May to kill you with kindness."

Snoop Lion (previously Snoop Dogg, previously previously Snoop Doggy Dogg) debuted his new reggae-centric self at SXSW over the weekend. We were hoping his spiritual awakening meant interesting stage duds and wildly varied new material, but from what we heard and saw, he dressed in regular Snoop attire and dipped into past hits from The Chronic (ha-ha, HITS) and other classics, vaguely dubbing them up for the occasion.

• Gossip's Beth Ditto was arrested in Portland and charged with disorderly conduct after reportedly being denied service at the Bungalo Bar. A source told Willamette Weekly that after Ditto was ejected from the bar, she allegedly "walked out in the middle of the street, threw off her shoes and purse, and screamed 'Obama! Obama!'" FYI: Ditto's mug shot shows the ravishing leading lady near-perfect eyeliner. How is that possible? recommended