What's Next for Gay Marriage

Passing the Senate Was Just the Beginning

What's Next for Gay Marriage
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The Washington State Senate made history on February 1 by voting in favor of gay marriage, and passage in the house appears certain, but potential obstacles for marriage equality remain. Among them: Out-of-state religious groups that want to defeat marriage at the ballot and an anti-gay-marriage attorney general. Here's what's coming:

This week: According to Zach Silk, spokesman for Washington United for Marriage, the Washington State House will vote on the bill this week, probably on Wednesday, February 8. No one expects anything other than easy passage, with plenty of yea votes secured long ago. "That puts it on the governor's desk next week," Silk says.

Next week: Once the governor signs the bill—which has to happen within five days of her receiving it from the legislature—referendum mayhem begins. The National Organization for Marriage recently told the Seattle Times that it will file for a referendum on gay marriage "before the ink is dry on the governor's signature." NOM—which spent millions to repeal marriage equality in California and Maine—will then have 90 days from March 8, the scheduled end of the legislative session, to work with its allies to gather 120,557 valid signatures in support of their referendum. If they don't get the required signatures, gay marriages could begin in mid-June. If they do get the signatures—which they probably will—we'll be voting on gay marriage in November. Assuming it passes, gay marriages will begin after the election is certified sometime in December. But don't get excited yet: No state has ever upheld same-sex marriage at the ballot.

Week after next: You might ask: Who gets to decide what the ballot language should look like? The answer is very interesting: Attorney General Rob McKenna, who opposes marriage equality, will approve of (or begin tinkering with) the ballot title and summary sometime in the week after the referendum is filed. "We're watching Rob McKenna closely," Silk says. "As we all should." recommended


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Slam1263 1
As I gaze into my magic eight ball, all I can see are myriad court challenges, arguments, derision, and hate.

Being queer, for me, is a life style choice. Yeah, I know, your's isn't. Just like a few other things in some peoples lives, lack of personal responsibility is the answer to what they refuse to own.

I'm Queer, I'm here, and I'm tired of it.

Marriage is a breeder tradition, that has been upsurped by our government, with tax advantages, incentives, and legal safeguards. Give queer folks civil unions, with the priviledges expected of such.
Posted by Slam1263 on February 11, 2012 at 12:54 PM · Report this
KittenKoder 2
Fuck gay people, they hate transgendered like me, so fuck them.
Posted by KittenKoder on February 12, 2012 at 12:03 AM · Report this
slade 3…

I could put myriad of Bible passages, but you don’t give a hoot about those words. So in Bible-ees, I’m going to tell you how to look at this situation with proper eyes.

Washington State,USA, is all one filthy dog kennel, whore house and leper colony. YOU created the Josh Powell monster, and he did what YOU taught him to do, to wit:

1. Be a self-centered, self-indulgent, coward.

2. Murder his babies. (RememberSeattle, this nation, since the Supreme Court told your selfish, mean, perverted backsides that you could murder your babies, you have murdered them to the tune of 51+ Million.)

Those children were created for this hour, and it gives the servants of God a cause of rejoicing (Ps 58:10, 11) and it gives us a great and effectual door to utter these glorious and righteous works of God. Finally, the children are better off dead now than to grow and fill the cup of their iniquity to increase their torment in hell. Those parents of that mom had nothing to offer them except a life of rebellion and defiance against God.

Thanks for writing.

Your friends at WBC

Ummmm! maybe time for a Industrial size can of whoop ass? Its not about the Church jerks! its not about some freak ass Republicans with a god complex!

Its all about liberty and justice for all and making dam sure that the American Government keeps it nose to the grind stone on equality and the understanding of what equality means?

Far from just some gay issue as its actually a fabric of our nation and its values.

the Civil war was about what? It sure the hell was not about Church Jerks or political pigs problems.

Leaving the Nazi's room to breath was a big mistake and so is letting this viol crap exist in America as for too frigin long our wars start in our back yard and end on the dark side of the moon.
Posted by slade on February 12, 2012 at 3:51 PM · Report this

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