Rosato dell’Emilia 2011

Here's one for you! One hundred percent Salamino Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna... available everywhere and nowhere, because no one is carrying it right now (except Le Petit Cochon)... but it could be in your local shop if you go and ask for it, and I highly recommend that you do! Go and get some! Why? Just picture strawberries and springtime in liquid form, being poured down your throat by the lover who just gave you your best orgasm in recent memory, because you've been fucking in the grass and it didn't matter who saw you... in fact, your coupling spurred a bunch of other people along the same lines, and before you knew it, there was a full-blown orgy going on atop the grassy plains of Discovery Park! That's right! Because it's springtime, and the cherry and apple and pear trees are all in bloom, and what better to go along with springtime fucking than a glass of Rosato from the breadbasket of Italy, Emilia Romagna, along with plates and plates of cured meats... culatello, prosciutto, pancetta, mortadella... and after all of that, perhaps, a cigarette? Yes! Am I painting enough of a picture of bacchanalia for you? Whatever your vision of a bacchanal might be, this wine should be part of it. What is Lambrusco, you might ask? This is a wine that can range from slightly sparkling (frizzante) to full-on sparkling (spumante), where a secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, produced along the lines of champagne... also seen on some labels as methode traditionel. It can be red, as it is most commonly known, or rosé, or white. It can be semisweet (amabile), sweet (dolce), or dry (secco). This one is dry and comes from a gentleman who produces from a mere three hectares of land and who does everything by hand, including disgorgement. Talk about time-consuming! This is the product of love's labor, and I'm not speaking metaphorically here. The gentleman's name is Luciano Saetti. If you want to see more about this guy and the way he makes his wines, head to the Louis/Dressner website (—he was featured there last month, so just search for his name. This wine should cost you in the range of 15 bucks. recommended