He made a joke about an old friend, was swarmed on Twitter, and now he's done. Fry, who had more than a million followers, does a great job summing up the whole shitty Twitter experience on his way out the door:

Today saw him release a statement on his official website, expressing his happiness at being free from Twitter, a platform he referred to as “a stalking ground for the sanctimoniously self-righteous who love to second-guess, to leap to conclusions and be offended”.

He called the decision “a massive relief” and said he felt “free at last."

“But you’ve let the trolls and nasties win!” he wrote. “If everyone did what you did, Stephen, the slab-faced dictators of tone and humour would have the place to themselves. Well, yes and they’re welcome to it. Perhaps then they’ll have nothing to smell but their own smell.”

I've been trying to avoid having Twitter be the last thing I look at before I go to sleep and the first thing I look at when I wake up—trying and failing. Maybe we should emulate God: follow no one (save Justin Bieber), never do a vanity search (omniscient beings already know what's being said about them), and stay the hell out of your own comments/notifications/@s/whatever-they're-called.