I just started dating a great guy who has a Prince Albert. I cannot express how much it hurts when we have vaginal intercourse—and not the hurts-so-good kind of hurt. It’s the first time I’ve been with a guy who has a piercing. He has a couple of different pieces of jewelry and we tried them both, to no avail. Also, we are no longer using condoms because we both had STI screenings, but condoms did not make a difference. Then we had sex without it, and boom, it was amazing. So he seemed pretty fine with not having it in, he definitely preferred having sex with me when I enjoyed it.

But I want to be GGG and I know he loves his piercing. So I feel bad thinking that if things work out, he simply won’t be able to have it in during intercourse. Also, while I was Googling a solution to this problem (none found!) I saw stories of people getting cracked teeth from giving head to someone with a piercing, which didn’t even occur to me. I would be bereft to think this is a DTMFA situation, because he’s so great!

Not Just His Eyes Are Piercing

Nothing in your letter screams DTMFA situation—this would be a DTMFA situation if he refused to remove his PA—and nothing about requiring him to remove his PA requires you to turn in your GGG card. You're having great sex with a great guy who's considerate enough to remove a beloved piece of jewelry for your comfort and sexual satisfaction. Take "yes" for an answer from him, NJHEAP, take "this is not a problem" for an answer from me.

And from the Department of Too Much Information: I was with a guy for more than a year who had a PA and I never cracked a tooth. But if you're concerned... have him remove his PA for oral too.