Episode 41 of Blabbermouth considers whether Washington State Democrats should caucus for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, and then explores some high-rise anxiety at the Frye Art Museum. (Wanna subscribe to the show on iTunes? Right here.)
On Episode 41 of Blabbermouth, Danni Askini talks about her potentially history-making candidacy for the Washington State House. After that: Bernie vs. Hillary Round 2! (Wanna subscribe to the show on iTunes? Right here.) COURTESY OF DANNI ASKINI

Blabbermouth March 4, 2016

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Uh, that was a crazy week. Donald Trump is on the march to becoming the Republican nominee for president. Hillary Clinton is looking more and more likely to be the Democratic nominee, though Bernie Sanders is still fighting hard. There’s talk of an historic split within the Republican party, and also feelings of epic schadenfreude (not to mention genuine terror) about Trump’s ascendancy.

Let’s take a moment, breath deeply, and look at something with a lot more pure, joyous hope involved: a local candidate, Danni Askini, who’s running to be the first openly transgender member of the Washington State Legislature. At 1:36 I talk to Dani about her reasons for getting into the race for Seattle's open 43rd District state house seat.

Then, at 12:13, I finally get a voice from the local Hillary Clinton campaign on the show to make the case for Hillary ahead of the March 26 Washington State Democratic caucuses. That voice: State Senator Marko Liias. After that, at 22:55, David Spring of Washington for Bernie Sanders is back on the show to offer his very energetic rebuttal.

Plus, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.