The company probably sold shrimp harvested by modern-day slaves at one point. But hey, they pay their domestic workers decently. a katz /

Costco Bumps Up Wages for Hourly Workers: It's the first wage hike since 2007 for Costco's entry-level workers. "Workers will now earn at least $13 or $13.50 per hour, up from a minimum of $11.50 or $12 per hour," the AP reports.

Alleged Sexual Assault at UW: "Police report a woman was sexually assaulted in a University of Washington dorm by a man she met on a dating app," KIRO reports. "The suspect is described as a 24-year-old white male, 6 feet tall, with a thin build. His hair is closely cropped and dark brown."

Mayor Ed Murray Wants Seattle to Absorb White Center: "Residents of White Center and the rest of the unincorporated North Highline area could vote as soon as next year about whether to become Seattleites," the Seattle Times reports.

Will Seattle's Police Chief Fire Adley Shepherd, the Officer Who Punched Miyekko Durden-Bosley? One of loopholes in the police disciplinary system is that there is no time limit for Chief Kathleen O'Toole to make a decision in cases like this. KING 5 reports that Shepherd met with O'Toole last week to plead his case, after the Office of Professional Accountability recommended firing him.

Seattle Daycare Staff Aren't Trained in Earthquake Readiness: "State law requires child care centers train their staff—and children in their care—in what to do in an emergency," KUOW reports. "But a KUOW analysis has found that some daycare centers are out of compliance year after year—even in the Seattle neighborhoods most vulnerable to earthquake."

Uber is using sneaky phone calls to discourage drivers from supporting Seattle's new rideshare unionization law. MikeDotta /

The Chamber of Commerce is Suing the City of Seattle Over Our Uber Unionization Law: This is big. We all knew it was coming. Heidi has the details.

Redmond Gym Employee Tells 911 Kam Chancellor is "Bad News": Kam Chancellor makes $7,000,502 annually. KOMO reports: "The 911 phone calls by a panicked gym worker during a Wednesday afternoon incident involving Seahawks' player Kam Chancellor have been released, and show the worker thought the star safety and his friends were "bad news ... like, homeless kids (or) heroin addicts."

King County Sheriff John Urquhart and Pramila Jayapal Work to Diversify Policing: The sheriff and state senator worked together on a bill that would allow legal permanent residents (green card holders) to become police and firefighters. "Urquhart believes it’s part of his job to diversify his field, which remains mostly “a bunch of white guys,'" the South Seattle Emerald reports. “We need to reflect the community—all kinds of people, all colors, men, women, gays, straight. I am doing everything I can to diversify the sheriff’s office.”

Save KPLU Effort Reaches $2 Million Mark: In six days, supporters of the radio station matched a $200,000 donation. The station has needs to raise $4.9 million more in order to stave off a takeover bid by the University of Washington and stay independent.

Seattlish on Doubling Seattle's Housing Levy: That's the mayor's plan to expand affordable housing, and it's reliant, as ever, on an increase in the property tax. "If, as a current homeowner, you think this is a sucky way to pay for things, we highly recommend that you go out and lobby your lawmakers for a more equitable way to do so, like a capital gains tax or an income tax."

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