Bernie Sanders waiting to speak about the importance of social security, Medicare, and Medicaid at Westlake Park on Saturday before he was interrupted by two Black Lives Matter activists.
Last summer, Bernie Sanders was interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists in downtown Seattle. Kelly O

Bernie Sanders Is Holding Three Rallies in Washington: The Democratic caucuses in this state are one week from tomorrow, on March 26. Sanders will hold rallies in Vancouver, Spokane, and Seattle on Sunday. Doors open at 2 p.m. at KeyArena, KING 5 reports.

Sanders Is "Likely" to Win Washington Along with Four Other States: In a memo last week, Hillary Clinton strategist Robby Mook conceded that Sanders is "poised to have a stretch of favorable states to vote, including five caucuses... which he is likely to win.” Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii hold caucuses next week as well. But Mook argues these victories won't have much impact on the delegate count.

Sixty Percent of Preregistered Caucus Voters... are between 18 and 34 years old, KING 5 reports. And they say we don't vote.

In Case You Missed It: You will be much smarter having read this: Jen Graves on Sanders, Trump, and what centuries-old art from the French revolution tells us about their performances of masculinity. Read it.

Meanwhile in Pioneer Square, There's This:

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Remember That Seattle Cop Who Called a Man "Fucking Negro" on Her Patrol Car Camera? Local police super requester Mike O'Dell (he requests information from the department using open records laws to hold them accountable) recently published the video of the incident. Sergeant Lora Alcantara, the officer, was suspended for five days for that. But yesterday, KING 5 noticed another eyebrow-raising moment in the same video, where the officer claims KIRO 7 reporter Essex Porter searched inside a private car. The video shows nothing like that occurring, and Porter says he never did any such thing. Now the department is investigating that too. (Which is a long way of saying: Hey look, O'Dell and journalists are doing the Office of Professional Accountability's job for them.)

That Transphobic Ballot Initiative Has a Name: The one that would overturn common-sense provisions in the state human-rights code that protect the right of transgender men and women to use the bathroom of their gender identity? They're calling it "Just Want Privacy." Seattlish righteously calls bullshit.

Woo-hoo! Sound Transit

Have You Read Our Light Rail Issue Yet? It's fantastic. The new Downtown-Capitol Hill-UW line opens tomorrow.

Renton Woman to Be Released from Mexican Prison: "After more than two years in jail in Mexico, Nestora Salgado may have her freedom as soon as Friday," the Seattle Globalist reports. Salgado lived in the Seattle area for twenty years. "A judge on Thursday evening dismissed new charges filed against her. The ruling cleared the way for the Renton grandmother, who led a community police force in her hometown of Olinala in Mexico, to leave prison after 31 months in jail."

We Have Many More Rich Millennials Than Most American Cities: That's according to a new analysis from the real estate firm Zillow. In about 4 percent of local households headed by millenials between 22 and 34 years old—3,000 of them total—annual income is greater than $350,000. "Zillow attributes Seattle’s high share of loaded youngsters to the city’s tech-job boom," Dan Beekman reports, "and says the well-off whelps have helped create a bonkers housing market. Seattle’s median home value is $533,000 and its median rent is $2,364 a month, according to the company’s research."

You Should Be Paying Attention to Honduras: Another indigenous activist was gunned down on Tuesday. Berta Cáceres's nephew is desperately trying to get your (our) government to stop funding the Honduran security forces he believes were complicit in his aunt's killing two weeks ago.