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Heads Up — A Bunch Of Metro Bus Changes Happened This Weekend: Ahead of Saturday's caucuses, the 16, 25, 30, 66X, 68, 72, and 242 bus routes were deleted and a number of other changes took effect. (Thanks for the reminder, Seattlish!)

A Berning Sensation Took Over Washington: After Democrats caucused on Saturday, won about 73 percent of the vote statewide. Check out the county-by-county breakdown here. As Heidi explained, 26,345 delegates — assigned proportionally to Sanders and Clinton based on the results in each precinct — will be whittled down over the coming months. A smaller group will eventually go to the Democratic National Convention as well as 17 Wash. superdelegates who can support either Sanders or Clinton.

We Caucused, Too: Stranger staffers attended caucuses across Seattle – and there were some mixed feelings about the process. Sydney spoke with some folks who found caucusing to be an archaic ordeal and others noted that the Garfield Community Center event was inaccessible and a potential nightmare for neurodivergent folks or people with autism. Eli, on the other hand, relished the civil debates that didn't take place behind a computer screen.

Alaska And Hawaii Felt It Too: Bernie scored 82 percent of the Alaskan vote and 71 percent of the Hawaiian vote, the New York Times reports.

To Celebrate, Let's Watch This Video Of #BirdieSanders A Couple More Times: Yeah, Bernie put a bird on it in Portland.

Police Arrested A Suspect In The Africatown Burglary: According to the SPD, the police arrested a young, East-African male volunteer in connection with the vandalism at the Africatown Center for Education and Innovation on Sunday. "The vandals also stole computer equipment and sliced computer cables, severely damaging the network, according to center staff," KING 5 reported. (In the meantime, you can volunteer to help rebuild Africatown here.)

Someone Illegally Clear-Cut More Than 100 Trees In West Seattle: 153 big leaf maple trees were hacked-down close to homes in West Seattle, The Seattle Times reports. The West Seattle Blog reports that the downed trees were part of the Duwamish Head Greenbelt. City officials are investigating the clear-cutting.

Towan, A 48-Year-Old Orangutan, Died At The Woodland Park Zoo: He had suffered from respiratory issues that weren't responding to treatment and passed away during a medical examination, the zoo reports.

There's A New Jail Opening In Skagit Next Year: Local law enforcement believes that the new facility will help decrease overcrowding at the current jail and resolve a backlog of arrest warrants, the Skagit Valley Herald reports.

It Was A Deadly Easter Weekend: Reuters reports that the Islamic State was responsible for a suicide bombing that killed 26 people and wounded 71 in Iskandariya, a town just south of Baghdad, Iraq on Saturday. The news agency also reports another suicide bombing took place at a park in Pakistan on Easter Sunday, which killed mostly women and children and injured at least 300 other people. A Pakistani Taliban faction took responsibility for the attack, claiming they were targeting Christians.