The New York Times offered this up with other supposed evidence of Trump's alleged comfort around gay people:

His ease with gay people does not seem to be the result of deep soul searching, but, rather, the product of the Manhattan social and political world he has inhabited the past five decades.

“I live in New York. I know many, many gay people. Tremendous people,” Mr. Trump said in an interview in 2011.

He has been playful at times, such as in 2000, when he and Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani appeared in a skit for a political roast, during which Mr. Trump nuzzled and caressed the mayor, who was dressed in drag.

I'm not a big fan of trigger warnings... but if there was ever an instance where a trigger warning was called for, THIS WAS IT. Now I no longer feel safe reading past the lead in any NYT story about Donald Trump. Oh, and... THERE IS VIDEO.

More disturbing than anything on Game of Thrones last night. And in other NYT errata: I can only assume "you fucking asshole" was cut from the end of Kwame Anthony "The Ethicist" Appiah's response to the second question in his column on Sunday due to space limitations in print. But "you fucking asshole" should've been restored to the online version of his column.