Is this where well end up when America descends into chaos and our ecosystems collapse?
NASA's Juno spacecraft also arrived in Jupiter's orbit. Is this where the rest of us will end up when America descends into chaos and our ecosystems collapse? Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock

The Three-Day Weekend Is Over: We hope you were as enthusiastic about the Fourth of July as YouTube rapper Rosa G.

As Expected, There Were Fireworks Accidents: Police say a teenager accidentally shot a firework into a home in Graham, WA. Neighbors saved the pets.

One Fireworks Mishap Sent an Olympia Man to the Hospital: He "suffered a severe injury to his hand and multiple fragment injuries to his entire front body," according to KING 5.

And an Olympia Warehouse Burned Down at 1 A.M.: Officials say that they're still looking for the cause.

While Americans Were Celebrating, Suicide Bombers Attacked Baghdad and One of Islam's Holiest Sites: Suicide bombers attacked Baghdad this past Sunday, killing at least 165, and Medina during Ramadan.

The FBI is asking questions about Washington State Senator Pam Roach.
State Senator Pam Roach: Subject of an FBI probe? WALEG

The FBI Is Asking Questions About Republican State Senator Pam Roach: The Seattle Times spoke to three people who confirmed an FBI probe over incidents involving energy lobbyists, a meeting with a challenger for Roach's seat at an Applebees, and Roach's expense reimbursements. This is the same Pam Roach who once yelled about the roses on her desk being moved on the floor of the state senate.

But the FBI Will Not Recommend Charging Hillary with Anything Over Her Personal E-Mail Servers: "Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Friday that she would accept whatever recommendation she received from the F.B.I." the New York Times reports.

Seattle's Housing Crisis Is Putting Pressure on People to Stay in Abusive Relationships or Become Homeless: Linda Olsen, the housing program coordinator at the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, writes: "We’ve been treating domestic violence and homelessness as separate issues for decades now, and it’s time to ask ourselves the question: Do the domestic-violence and homelessness services we set up decades ago meet people’s current needs? The answer is no."

This University District Food Bank Will Be a Lot More Than Just a Food Bank: For starters, the new "University Commons" facility, slated to open in mid-July, will be eight times larger than its former home as the University District Food Bank. The new building on Roosevelt Avenue Northeast will provide an extra two pounds of food per family per visit and host the Low Income Housing Institute, YouthCare, and a homeless youth barista training program. The food bank also plans to facilitate voter registration and legal advocacy services.

Paid Signature Gatherers Are Getting Paid a Lot: Just Want Privacy was paying $1 per signature for their proposed anti-trans ballot measure, but they say that other initiatives are paying as much as $4.

Watch Gyasi Ross Respond to Donald Trump's Comments on Native Americans on MSNBC: MSNBC tracked down a video of Trump from a 1993 Congressional hearing, in which Trump argued that Native casino competitors in Connecticut "don't look like Indians to me." (Casinos on Native land aren't taxed by the federal government; Trump wanted those sovereign rights taken away.) Ross, of the Blackfeet Nation, told MSNBC's Chris Hayes that Native people are often "the canary in the coal mine in regards to racial relations." Last year, Ross wrote an editorial for The Stranger on why he's a Bernie supporter who also supported Black Lives Matter's interruption of the presidential candidate in Seattle.

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Arrived in Jupiter's Orbit: The spacecraft, which now begins searching for clues about what lies beneath Jupiter's gassy surface (oceans? a solid core?), will self-destruct in 2018 so as not to disturb the potential habitability of Jupiter's moons.

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