Seattle Becomes the Third American City to Ban Conversion Therapy on LGBTQ Youth


This is great news, really great news.
Parents should be allowed to raise their children the way they want to, not the way the State wants to.
Nonsense, Norm. Children eventually grow up and become part of society (or part of society's burden). Some basic standards are necessary for that period after the parents die off or the child manages to extricate him or herself from sub-par parenting, and that includes protection from quackery.

Of course it's silly that stuff like this has to be determined on the state level, but conservatism being what it is (another side effect of poor parenting), we have to do what we can where we can.
How much conversion therapy was happening in Seattle?

Raising your kids =/= subjecting them to horrific, life-scarring "conversion therapy" just because you don't like how they were born.
Idiot dear, we really don't have many instances of doctor impersonation in Seattle. Are you proposing that we don't need a law against it?
No parents are not allowed to have quacks drill holes in their children's heads to cure epilepsy
@2 I could have been a victim of this if my parents knew my identity growing up. I am so glad I avoided it and I am so so so jazzed that children living in Seattle don't have to fear it happening to them!
I spent my teens and twenties desperately involved in #ConversionTherapy I was a true believer. At 31, I had a girlfriend...but there I was, taking the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building. I just didn‘t see a way out. My truth was abominable to the Church and shameful to my family should they ever find out. I‘m exhibit A as to what this type of "therapy" does to one‘s mind and spirit. Thank you, Lorena! #Seattle @fakedansavage @CMLGonzalez Bryan Christopher (Author, "Hiding from Myself: A Memoir")
Ahhh man. Now I'll never be gay!
So glad that Seattle has done this. And that my city (Cincinnati) has been at the forefront of this anti-quackery movement, thanks to our amazing Councilmember Chris Seelbach and his allies.
Has the constitutionality of this kind of legislation been tested by the courts? It seems on the face of it that they might run into problems with 1st amendment establishment of religion rights. I can see where a case could be made that the law impacts the religious rights of some. The law seeks to protect minors from abusive (and worthless) "therapies" imposed on them. But if those "therapies" are religious I can see that someone with narrow religious views might bring suit. Has this law been constructed in such a way to limit that kind of approach?
@12, you know how every know and then there's this weird cult couple that kills their child because providing food and shelter and medicine was against their "religion?" Same sort of deal, I'd gather. Religion isn't a legal technicality for abusing a child.
Man. Every time I see that picture i cringe just knowing that she is going to melt those shoes on the pipes.
Religions have their opinions about homosexuality, but I doubt there's any religion that prescribes this specific mode of response. They'll just have to fall back on their old yelling and shunning. Which are shitty, but at least the parents doing those have to work a little harder to convince themselves they're being kind.
When it concerns the issue of sexual orientation, parents should have the right to raise their children the way they want to. The State should not be able to tell parents how the State wants children to be raised.
Why was my comment deleted? Are The Stranger censoring people that post an they don't agree with?
@16, Gay conversion is psychological torture masquerading as 'therapy.' If you want to raise your gay kids to hate themselves and their parents you are still allowed to do that, however the charlatans who mentally abuse queer children under the pretense of 'health care' are no longer allowed to take your money in the city of Seattle.
@6, I'm all for this, I just wonder how much of the motive was immediate need vs. politician wanting her name in the paper.

@17, yes. Standard echo chamber situation.
@17, If your commenting history is any indication, it's because you're an asshole.
@16 so you would be okay with parents beating their children? Raping them? Starving them? If not then why are you okay with this? Abuse is not something that should be sanction by anyone anywhere, even if a church says it's okay.

For one thing, sexual orientation isn't a learned behavior, so this isn't a question of instilling values, it's a matter of attempting to change the fundamental biological makeup of a live human being into something it isn't. It's akin to forcing a child to have an eye transplant, just because you didn't like the color with which they were born.
@16: Why should sexual orientation be such a special case?
We already ban harmful pseudoscience that masquerades as medicine...what makes sexual orientation an exception to that rule?
@1 I wouldn't qualify it as "great" news. it's a symbolic move, and a fine one; but leaving the city limits represents 0 barriers to any parent wishing to 'de-convert' their child's sexuality. Only statewide legislation can have any meaningful impact for kids whos parents would send them to these places.