Monica Dimas fire chicken sandwiches, now available in U Village.
Monica Dimas' fire chicken sandwiches, now available in U Village. AJ Ragasa

Let's start with the good, why don't we? Lots of rad places opened up over the holidays.

Marmite Now Pouring Up in Chophouse Row

Bruce Nafalty's lunchtime soup joint is now open in the former Chop Shop space, reports CHS Blog. Bowls of "bone-warming" broth-based delights—chicken, leek, buckwheat noodle and roasted root vegetable, as of CHS Blog's report—will run you $9. Given that it's Nafalty making them, they'll definitely be worth it. Service is currently restricted to weekday lunch, 11:30am-4pm, but could expand soon.

Get Your Ice Cream Sandwiches and Weed All in the Same Place

Street Treats, the custom ice cream sandwich food truck, is jumping on that brick and mortar bandwagon, joining the fray at 23rd and Union. They'll be competing with the recently opened Central District Ice Cream Company, but with a neighbor like Uncle Ike's, I'm sure there's enough demand for ice cream to go around.

More Cats is Always Good News

There's another cat cafe and it's semi-operational, reports West Seattle Blog. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Ciudad's New Chef

Aaron Willis has taken over from Nick Coffey at Ciudad, with plans to expand it's meaty offerings, reports Eater. He hails from Delicatus in Pioneer Square, and has big plans to bring his international culinary experience to bear on the grill-focused restaurant's meaty offerings. Yes, I am aware that "meaty offerings" can be interpreted many ways, but we're talking about chickens here, people. Keep it together.

Southern Charm North of the Cut

Acacia, a fast casual "Southern-inspired" restaurant, will be the latest entry into the lower Wallingford restaurant frenzy, reports Eater. It's over by the new dump, not on Stone Way like the other 78 places that have opened up thereabouts. There are sandwiches, but the menu appears to consist primarily of bowls. It would appear that the James Beard Foundation's most hated trend isn't abating in 2017.

Bar Noroeste is Becoming KiKi Ramen

Apparently that whole eggplant guacamole thing failed to convert as many skeptics as they'd hoped. The new joint is an homage to the heady, ramen-filled early days of Josh Henderson's romance with girlfriend Kim, reports Seattle Met. D'awe. They'll have tonkatsu of course, there'll be Sun Noodle Co. noodles, and Henderson is making murmurs about weekend karaoke.

So Many Poor, Hungry College Kids are About to be So Stoked

Rancho Bravo, the Hill's go to spot for getting really full without spending much money, has a new location on the Ave, report my eyes on my way home from the College Inn. It ain't open yet, but as far as I could see, it looks pretty complete.

So Many Soccer Moms are About to be So Stoked

Rachel's Ginger Beer is opening a new location at U Village, replete with a new outpost of Monica Dimas's amazeballs chicken sandwich spot, Sunset Fried Chicken. Those frites are straight up the best in the city right now.

And now for the bad news, which isn't actually all that bad. It's not like Tom Douglas opened another seventeen restaurants while loudly and publicly complaining about how Seattle's business climate is so unfair to him. That was December.

Il Corvo Pasta Studio is No More

Alecia Vermillion bore the bad news last week. Goddamnit. Now if you want to get your teeth on Mike Easton's amazing pasta, you'll have to go back to waiting in a long, awkward line full of disinterested City Hall staffers reading email on their phones. Despite the consistent popularity of Easton's original lunch spot, his Second Ave ventures were both perplexingly unsuccessful. Pizza Gabbiano, which was damn good pizza, was quickly replaced by the pasta studio, which sold damn good pasta. No one was buying, I guess.

Two More Casualties

Per Seattle Met, Morton's is gone. Per my personal theorizing, only shitty Republican dudes who still wear suits to work are bummed. They also report that Liam's in U Village, a New American bistro from the dude behind Beecher's and the Butcher's Table, has gone the way of the dodo. A few actual humans might be mourning that one.

Not Really a Casualty, But Still a Closure

The Pink Door, per their website, says "Our beloved establishment will be in winter hibernation as we make some exciting changes, but rest assured the deep, lovely wrinkles will still be there." In actual language, that means they're remodeling and will be open again in March.

And in the Old Favorite Department...

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that Charlie's on Broadway posted a note in the window telling employees not to come in today, and informing them that the restaurant wouldn't be renewing their lease. Sad indeed, as Charlie's is a place with mounds of Capitol Hill history in its bones. I remember going there a decade ago to smoke cigarettes in those high backed chairs by the window when you could still do that. However, while the fries and guacamole of yesteryear's cigarette dates are delicious in memory, the nachos I had there more recently were disgusting. Nostalgia can only sustain a place for so long, I suppose.