Practice Staring into the Void by Watching this Ice Circle, Turn, Turn, Turn...


If this were in the southern hemisphere, would it spin in the opposite direction?
@2, no, it's dependent on the shape of the river and which ways the eddies are flowing, not the coriolis force.
@3, apparently scientists have determined it has to do with the differential temperatures of the water, not specifically the water flow. One appeared in Michigan AT THE SAME TIME AS IN WASHINGTON... proving for once and for all that these two water-loving states are secretly connected.
What the fucking fuck? That shit ain't natural. What next? It's going to rain frogs? Pillars of salt and of fire? It's the end times. We should run and hide while we still can.
@3, ah...I can understand you didn't see my tongue in my cheek when offering up my comment @2.