The President Is Insane


Maybe people wouldn’t be openly questioning President Rapist’s mental health if he didn’t sound like a raving, coked-out lunatic every time he opens his mouth.

His face looks like a cat’s prolapsed asshole, BTW.
"Mine was the largest Electoral College win since Reagan," he said this morning. It's not even in the top 5 (out of 8). Insane indeed.
In the parallel universe the headlines are currently screaming about Hillary's inappropriate Clinton Foundation fundraiser so soon after her election.
Nyet, comrade. American President Trump is of good mind of sound. Where is proofs? He is of being good stronk American president.
You got it very much wrong last year, buddy.
"Running like a fine-tuned machine." Sort of like Titanic was, up to a point.
@5, you've been nothing but wrong this whole time, sugartits.
So out of total masochism I checked out how /r/The_donald was reacting to the press conference.

They're delighted. They thought it was great. They can't imagine how anyone isn't impressed with the President's masterful performance. There were about 8000 comments about how well Trump did and how much the media sucks and were "BTFO". Any critical comments are removed very quickly, because it is a safe space for morons.
@ 4,

His approval rating is at least 198% at the Kremlin and among West Virginian meth heads whose teeth look like shit chiclets. Maybe even higher, perhaps. Let's check dumFux Nooz and find out.
He's irritated that they're leaking fake news.

@2 In his defense, (jesus h christ on a tricycle please someone stop me now) I believe he's always referring to the fact that he's had the biggest REPUBLICAN electoral college win since Reagan.

Oh, but wait, there's more! Daddy Bush won with 426 against Dukakis.

So, yeah. I just wasted my own time. And yours.
I don't see this guy lasting even a year. He can't handle his own shit and it's barely been a month.

Agreed. Somebody needs to start a poll. I'd feel pretty good about going maybe a year from now. I feel like his massive ego won't permit him to call it less than a year, but anything much beyond that is pretty inconceivable.
@12: I doubt he'll bow out, certainly not before Congress begins impeachment proceedings, but it'll take a few years for them to (potentially) reach that Rubicon.
I'm trying to imagine living in a reality where you can just say anything you want, no matter how little it corresponds to the reality of literally everyone else around you, and not have to worry about the consequences, because if anyone refutes what you say, you can just call them liars, even if 99% of what you say can be objectively, empirically dis-proven, and there are other people surrounding you who will keep letting you get away with it, because they're either terrified of what will happen if you DO suddenly come to your senses, or else they've got their own agendas that depend in large part on allowing you to say whatever nonsensical shit spews from your pie-hole.

This must be what it's like to have had the incredible good fortune to be born into vast wealth, but without the basic intellectual capacity to recognize how it was all just a fluke of luck and genes.
@14 I'm not thinking of a voluntary departure, I'm thinking of some new never-before-seen ridiculousness that results in something more forceful. He still clings to this "people love me and I'm great at everything I do" illusion that has fallen big and hard since the election. He's also dumb as a doornail. I think he's going to get even more flustered and irrational and fuck himself out of office somehow if Congress doesn't get to him first.
@11: He can be referring to whatever the fuck he wants, but the fact is he only added "Republican" after a reporter called him on it. And, yeah, that's wrong too.
@12, @13 and @14

The Republicans don't have the balls to impeach him. And I'm sure a lot of them have stayed in Trump hotels in the past, with people they shouldn't have been staying there with, in rooms that, it turns out, had cameras. That will make impeachment even more difficult.

An obvious solution presented itself this week, in the form of a nice lady in an "LOL" t-shirt. This is what America needs.
You're an ableist dick contributing to the stigmatization of the mentally ill.
@16: there's only a limited number of ways he leaves:

1. impeachment - the GOP would have to turn on him.
2. resignation - the GOP would have to turn on him.
3. death - heart attack most likely. he's making an effort.
4. 25th amendment - and that's for when he strokes or has an aneurysm, not when just acts the way he's always acted.

nope, this is our new normal for the next 4 years, min.
I heard the quote about the administration being "a fine-tuned machine" on the radio as I was driving home, and I literally laughed out loud in response.

Holy shit, that bit about nuclear holocaust being "like no other." He sounds like a sixth grader trying to bluff his way through an oral report on a book he clearly didn't read, using stolen note cards that are not in order.
Mainly I want to cry.
"No so fast, fucker."

"I can read it in your tea leaves: You're fucked."

--Geraldine Fibbers
*not. Dammit. Hate fucking up rock quotes.
Global News just scooped you Dan:

"Calling Trump insane is an insult to the insane: Psychiatrist"
This idea that he "doesn't suffer" as a result of his narcissism, and therefore he isn't mentally ill, is absurd.

Everything he does is an expression of great pain. His obsession with his proving he deserved his win is an example of how much anxiety drives him. If he had truly beaten Hillary Clinton, he wouldn't need to keep punching her. Everyone knows: she beat him. She humiliated him, and he got to be president anyway, because the game is rigged and he had lifelines thrown to him by the FBI and the GRU. He suffers pain from that crooked phony win continually. His small inaugural crowd is eating his guts. And so on.

His inability to have anyone with strength of character working around him is evidence of how much it hurts him to be stood up to, or proven wrong. He can't admit error because he is too fragile.

The list goes on. The argument that he has had "great success" is misleading. He was handed a vast fortune and he squandered it. He has had to swallow his pride to keep afloat, and obviously he has abased himself with backers, financial or geopolitical, without whom he'd be in the gutter. To survive that he has had to break with reality.

Those who call him crazy as a cheap insult are doing mentally ill people a disservice. But if I wanted to cheap insults, I'd be angering the water sports community with my slurs. I call Trump mentally ill because of the 25th Amendment. It's about facing facts.
@21, "He sounds like a sixth grader trying to bluff his way through an oral report on a book he clearly didn't read, using stolen note cards that are not in order. "
!!! I love you.
He's bored with it all. And the money this family is spending paying for their secret service people, as they travel around the world doing business, have weekends elsewhere, going to fashion shows, stay in NY.
What a con.