The Morning News: Trump is the Ebola of Politics, GOP State Senator Dinosaur Rossi Wants Darkness to Fall on Light Rail


"South Carolina is not on list of terrorist-prone places in the world."

South Carolina was the first to try to secede from the Union in the Civil War, and it's been a hotbed of terrorist klan activity ever since.

South Carolina is the Afghanistan of the United States.
When will the kayaktivists be swarming the waters near the sewage dump site?
Speaking of South Carolina, the ultra-conservative, adulterous, Christian hypocrite Mark Sanford has apparently been mavericky in his criticism of Trump for a while now.

Obviously he's an excellent politician, and he does care about the general welfare in his own moralistic ways; I'm wondering if he's willing to speak out because he's gone through some pretty humiliating scandals already so that there's nothing Trump could actually blackmail him with.
"Who keeps a squirrel as a fucking pet?"

Thousands of Americans Mr. Mudede. They are bright, curious creatures with relatively light husbandry demands when kept as a pet. They are one of the few wild animals with a skill set that allows them exploit humans for their own well being, a fascinating talent if given a little thought. They are smaller than dogs and infinitely more interesting than cats. But most of all, pet squirrels teach cross-species empathy to us apes.

So in answer to your Q. Empathetic people keep squirrels as fuckin pets, that's who.

Thank you. Have a good day
Charles, i'd say neo-liberalism and neo-cons was the slow auto immune disease, slowly destroying our body over the last 30 years, and trump is nothing more then the common flu, causing us to shit and vomit at the same time.
As a general observation, shit never ends.

Next Wall Street sequel.
Some of your best writing here, Charles!
"South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum."

-James L. Petigru
Regarding 50 million gallons of human waste being discharged daily. Remember everyone: Seattle pays the highest Sewage rates of any large city in the entire country... yes the ENTIRE United States. One might ask what the hell we are getting for this. Perhaps The Stranger can ask this question of our leaders.
No, Charles - Dinosaur Dino Rossi did NOT run for a seat in the state's Senate in 2010. He ran for a seat in the US Senate. Congress and the WA Legislature both have a Senate - but the are not the same thing.

Since Tantrum Spice and Cobra-anne Conjob always lie, we know that it's true that the Twitler regime is about to launch open warfare against immigrants, both documented and undocumented, in the US.
To be fair (I know, boo!), didn't Obama mobilize National Guard troops for border & immigration enforcement support?
@10 Actually, Atlanta has the highest rates in ENTIRE United States. Seattle is not far behind, though. Most of Seattle's current excess costs are to underwrite the federally mandated storage tunnels that were built to handle overflow.
Unlike Ebola, bewilderingly, Trump has aficionados. That seems even a worse disease.

As for the National Guard idea, there is no way that doesn't run smack-dab into the Posse Comitatus Act. Once you federalize the Army National Guard, whatever exception might have existed disappears. And, as for state governors calling them up for that purpose, that won't wash, because it's a strictly reserved federal function, Immigration.
Isn't the real story why Boeing workers in SC voted against unionization in the first place?

Yes, in 2010 he authorized 1,200 National Guard troops to assist the roughly 350 Guard members already deployed on the border. And since we're being fair, it's worth pointing out that his predecessor in the White House also put some 6,000 National Guard troops on the border in 2006, although in neither case did they engage in law enforcement activities; but rather provided logistical, intelligence, and construction, support to Border Patrol agents.
@13, I don't know, *did* Obama mobilized thousands of national guard troops round up undocumented immigrants in door-to-door raids? Way to leave us on the edge of ours seats here, asking a highly suggestive and imminently answerable question only to leave it unanswered like that! Do we have to subscribe to your newsletter to get the rest of the story? If so sign me up! I'm just dying to find out how this ends.
See How the Twitler Regime Terrorized the Country and Violated the Law by Using This One Weird Trick
Good Afternoon Charles,
I just scanned the NYT site and I'm not buying that Pres. Trump is "considering using 100,000 National Guard troops" to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. I, too am tiring of the "false news" coming from any side of the fence. I'm not defending the administration but I just don't see that order coming. As for Pres. Trump being the "Ebola of politics"? I get that the Stranger editors et al have a visceral hatred for him. But, comparing him to a lethal virus? I don't think that is going to help improve the country.

@13 you have a point. What has gone largely forgotten regarding Pres. Trump's effort to curb immigration and illegal immigration is that Pres. Obama deported more humans than any other President:…

Evidently he did have help from the National Guard. So, I think you're fair to recognize that.
@20, "I don't think that is going to help improve the country."

I don't think President Ebola is interested in improving the country, and I don't think the diseased little monkeys like you that spread it are either.
@17, true, those cute little national guard guys under Obama were different. They were sent to provide job counseling and hand out baked goods. Definitely not assist in immigration enforcement.

The public record is very specific in noting they were proscribed from performing law enforcement functions; something anyone can very easily confirm in a few seconds. I suspect you already knew that, but of course, it doesn't fit with your pseudo-hypothetical narrative, hence your failure to cite sources that would obviously contradict your maladroit inference.

And you STILL haven't given us a date, time, and location for your prospective beat-down - why is that?
Compared to the what, how many were deployed today to do, what, exactly?

The last time I told you to meet near Chungees. Tonight work for you?
(looks like that post was removed by TS because I asked whether women would be watching Ed Murray's grand mosque speech via closed circuit television, seeing as they are not permitted inside with the men).


Sure. How will I recognize you?
Just be outside Chungee's at say, 7:30? Shouldn't be anyone else hanging out besides a few smokers.
@1 We're a bit busy right now fighting the Trumpocalypse. As you're so concerned, why don't you take care of this sewage problem, since your posts show such affinity for putrid garbage, and disease vectors!
Oops, so sorry @1, my post is in response to @2, the Idiot sans Sawant.
Wait - Trump was silent? Exactly when was that?
I'm here - where are you?
Outside! Haha
Bruh! I was outside for 35 mins. I was going to buy you a beer, too. Kevin, the Scottish barman sold me, Tyler the Sunday tequila-drinking degenerate, one Rainier, which I proceeded to drink eight feet from the door.

I'm hitting dumpling Czar with the wife in a few if you want to come by. Right down 12th.
Donald Trump is not the ebola virus.

Ebola is, for one thing, rare. Trump is all too common. Ebola is most recognized by the blood s extracts from you. Blood, being the most noble bodily effluvia, is a source of both alarm and reverence. Trump does not inspire blood. The only thing Trump inspires is shit.

Donald Trump is political cholera. That rapid and humiliating scourge that kills children and our elders alike in the most degrading fashion imaginable. Donald Trump's DAPL poisons the water, as surely as vibrios do. Donald Trump's white America policy resembles the characteristic "rice water" stool that cholera evidences. Donald Trump is both watered down, and dried up. Diarrhea can be found dripping from his Twitter feed. And every day he infests the body politic, we grow weaker, more repulsive, and increasingly pathetic.

Strange, I didn't see anyone loitering outside, but I was only there for about 10 minutes. Maybe next time I'm there I'll ask Kevin if he knows anything, since I presume that's who you're referring to.
Extremely strange, seeing how I was standing directly in front of the door from when i pulled up on my bike prior to 7:30, and was there until to 8:00. No other loiterers or even smokers ever came out front, besides a small group of about 4 people kitty-corner, all consulting one of their phones and periodically staring my way. I assume you were amongst this group and expected nobody to show up. The group was there for about 10 mins, until deciding to head towards Cal Anderson instead of my direction.

Kevin, the Scottish barman, is indeed Kevin the Scottish barman.
Am I to understand that the person who challenged me to a fight but then didn't show up to the meeting, was a woman? My assumption. and hopefully it's not sexist to do so, was that COMTE is a dude.