A detail from the cover of Together and Alone by Alex Dimitrov, published next month by Copper Canyon Press.

But that's because I was reading Twitter under the covers (we all have our morning routines) when I saw the headline "An Artist and a Poet Consider Loneliness." Go to that page and you'll see a piece of art by Marilyn Minter and a poem by Alex Dimitrov. Maybe it was the early morning, or maybe it was the size of my iPhone screen, but I had a hard time getting into the poem with my eyeballs. So I gave my ears a chance. I scrolled down past the poem and clicked on the play button. And, whoa, that did the trick. The poet read to me and it sounded so good I partly evaporated.

It's hard to get out of bed once you've partly evaporated. Anyway, the poem is from a book called Together and by Ourselves that Copper Canyon Press is publishing next month. The art up above is from the cover.

Confidential to tech bros: Can someone please program the alarm on my phone to wake me up with a poet reading me a poem each morning, instead of an alarm? I'll pay. Or maybe we can start a business together. Serious inquiries only.