Today, Trump is celebrating a job report that is, in actuality, consistent with Obama's economy. The jobs report for February 2017 was 235,000; this time last year, it was 237,000; and the year before that, 238,000. Trump is basically claiming that a long-growing economy is growing again, and this growing is all because of him. Of course, none of his policies are set yet; we are still very much in an Obama economy, and any intelligent person (or any persons not lying to themselves or others for some reason) knows it takes much more than a month to change the course of the biggest economy in the world. It would be considered foolish to fire or promote the new manager of even a small business on the basis of their first month at work. But here Trump is claiming the new job numbers and official low unemployment rate (4.7 percent) are entirely his doing.

Why make such an obviously ridiculous claim? For one, plenty of Americans are stupid enough to believe it, and this stupidity has been imposed on them by bad schooling and entertainment. Also, and more significantly, there are many whites who have been living in hell because a black man actually preserved their comfortable way of life. Indeed, they even owe the very luxury of voting for a white man without one good idea in his head to this black man. Trump's race to claim Obama's economy is the race to erase this painful fact for many white Americans.