CBO: 24,000,000 Americans Will Lose Health Insurance Under Trumpcare


Reminder: Republicans only wanted to fuck with Obamacare because they wanted to ruin Obama's legacy.

But Obama's legacy will always be getting millions of Americans insured. Taking away health care for 24 million Americans, and the subsequent bankruptcies, deaths, etc. will be Trump's legacy.
they never wanted those 24 million to have it in the 1st place. because entitlements!

we need the money for the secret welfare state - the DoD.
And in gutting Medicaid they are also gutting the rest home industry. Better get ready to bring Mother home from Shady Glenn and put her in the guest room.
Oh, and Republicans are horrible people.
I'm not going to bring up . . . OK--I won't. At all. But, #electionsmatter
Viagra subsidies are preserved, I assume.
And Fox News has zero mention of it whatsoever, instead focusing on a (nonexistent) massive threat from North Korea.
I don't recall hearing republicans or their voters complain about people (including themselves) using the emergency room as primary care. When people use the ER, and can't afford to pay the bill and thus are bankrupted and the cost gets passed to everyone else, as far as I know, republicans are fine with that. Yes?

Republicans seem to prefer paying extra as long as they get to feel superior to, and delight in the misery and misfortune of others in the process.
$337,000,000 deficit reduction/24,000,000 uninsured = $14 per person. spread over 10 years.

My math is off, right? Right?
@9: oh, it's $337,000,000,000. sorry. $14,000/person/10 years.
@ 6, Exorcisms are now covered--the tenth one's free!

Next the RepubliKKKan's will take on Big Snakehandling--the serpent kind, not the backroom kind.
Oh, to have a science and factual basis to our governance... what an amazing thing that would be!

Voltaire, Ben Franklin, and so many others would be so proud, that over ~200 years since the Enlightenment, a middle-class man could dream of one day living under a government that relied on fact, research, and actual data to support their governing policies, instead of the irrational, partisan, and religious-based, emotionally-amplifying "moralistic" governance that they themselves experienced all the way back in the 1700s, when Science and Rationality were just cresting the horizon of a culture's cherished values...

Statistically, the strongest base of support Trump had was the 65+ category.

Wonder if there's any buyer's remorse there......
@3 Just put a pillow over her head. She's why we're in this situation in the first place. Time to destroy the republican voting block and purge everyone over 70. Yes, we will lose some brilliant minds but they are the extreme minority in that demographic.
I heard some Trump voters in West Virginia interviewed on the BBC over the weekend. They weren't too fussed about losing coverage if the ACA is repealed, because once the mine is re-opened and they get their jobs back, they'll have company-provided health insurance.
Alternate headline: America to rid itself of 24,000,000 pieces of garbage.
@16: Ayn Rand was a taker, too. this isn't Sparta.
@ 12, I listen to Canada's excellent CBC news everyday, and it's like receiving signals from an alternate reality run by sane, intelligent, decent people rather than bug-eyed, tongue-talking, lying, neo-fascist lunatics.
@17 I don't think it's so different from Rome while Emperor Romulus ruled.
Well, at least Congress will keep its superior health benefits and the Koch bros. will be happy.
@14: Save Mick Jagger, right?
I liked it when that crazy skier slammed into that tree, a week or so ago, got a branch through his mouth. He said, thank god for Obama Care to pay for the surgery. Then the same day went online asking for others to pay for his $1,500 deductible. Cheap medicine.
I can't lose what I've already had to cancel due to rate hikes and goal post shifting.
Florida Congressma Alan Grayson told the country eight years ago about the Republican health care plan. Boy was he on target!
@7: Oh really?
Shorter Republicans:

What do you expect?
Being poor is not something you should choose
My company pays my healthcare. I have Blue Cross. My last prescription cost 63 cents.
PBS News Hour analysis of the CBO report reported that even those who have great insurance through their employer may see rate increases, reduction in coverage, HSA plans in lieu of what they have now, and even no coverage.
@1 - Yes, it was about fucking with his legacy (now) and trying not to give him any wins (back when it passed and was implemented). But also, an even bigger reason that GOP members of Congress want to repeal it is because it includes the first tax on the 1% in decades. And for some, it's an excuse to attack Medicaid as well. They really want to repeal the tax but everything else is a pretext. I suspect that if they could get rid of the tax on the wealthiest and leave everything the same, they would -- but they can't because they spent the last seven years demonizing everything about the ACA *except* the tax.