What a great awning you are.
The scene in Seatac earlier today. Courtesy of King County Sheriff's Office

There's a lot to love about the above awning. First of all, it's a nice color. Second, it doesn't have gaps within it like most awnings in Seattle do. Third, it saved a 3-year-old boy's life today.

According to the King County Sheriff's Office, the boy "fell from a second story window at a motel in SeaTac this morning."

The awning "slowed him down prior to landing on the concrete surface below."

Police responded to a call at the Day's Inn Motel on International Blvd at 11 am, according to Sergeant Cindi West. "The boy’s mother said she was in town with her three children, two of which are small boys," West said.

"The boys were playing near the air conditioning unit near the window. The window was open but had a screen in place. The mom said she turned her back for a moment and the child went out the window."

The King County Sheriff's Office did not release any other information, but they did provide the image above.

Well done, awning! Way to be in the right place at the right time.