On the podcast this week, I started off with some calls from Melania supporters who called me a cockbite and my wife a skank. But it wasn't just the Savage Love voicemail (and my Twitter) that got spammed by Trumpsters over the last week. So here's some of the abuse that landed in my long-suffering email inbox. (Skip down if belligerent hate-mail isn't your thing. But if you're like me—if the impotent rage of homophobes fills you with glee—I've bolded some of the really good nasty bits. Enjoy!)

You are a stupid Seattle moron!!! I am so glad I moved from that crappy Seattle because ppl like you are taking that dirty city over! You and your kind are like a rat in Downtown Seattle Underground and as smelly too. Seattle is full of Libatard crooks stealing money from the tax payers to pay for illegals and line their own pockets! Wish Seattle would just be bombed and we would be a better nation w/o idiots like you around Trump will take you down soon enough

You are a coward bully. You are the worse of the worse. Why dont you call Melania thise names on the presence of her husband. That old man will whip your pussy ass. If you ever come out from hiding behind your keyboard, i will whip your ass. Fuck off and die

What only the 52% recognize about Melania is her incredible courage in supporting her husband's choice in spite of her obvious trepidation. You are full of shit Dan Savage and should not be advising anyone on anything other than pornography in a bathhouse full of STD's. I can't count the number of regimes which encouraged outing and coming out only to ultimately liquidate every LGBT living. You and your bum boy should go back in the closet before that time comes again. Seriously. Take an enema and don't call me in the morning.

You sir are a blight. Being gay does not give you a shield to be a nasty person. Liberals like you and conservatives on the other side are ruining this country. But you are nothing but gutter trash! Attacking the First Lady, give me a break! You are garbage and if I was part of the LGBT community I would be ashamed that you are!

Have recently read some of your trash. I can understand you are so angry. You've obviously been taking too many dick in holes you shouldn't be taking them in. You must be one hell of a catcher!

The question, Dan Faggot, is not why you are a filthy, disgusting, cocksucking scumbag, who, in a perfect world would be set on fire and burned alive. NO, the real question is this: What kind of nasty, foul and filthy parents raised a degenerate like you? I mean really, how defective do parents have to be to raise up such a sub-human scumbag? It's a good question, and one you should explore between bouts of ass-fucking other men's buttholes, or whotever you do in your sick, demented spare time. Ask yourself, what kind of sick bastards raised me? It might be cathartic for you, to know that your diseased mind was created by a couple of even sicker scumbags that you! Hope you expire before too long! All the worst!

You are one sicko to disparage this incredible woman and who is the First Lady of the US whether your sick brain knows that or not. Would you have so badly treated Michelle? Your disgusting liberal bias is the reason Trump was elected and we, those who voted for him, might finally get this country back from the throes of all you left wing nut cases.Melanie should be off limits to you and your sick cohorts and I for one hope that whomever employees you decides this is a statement gone to far and says, "You're fired"!

you are a topical left asst hole who only like one side you and your lbgt suck

Lay off of Melanie Trump. You understand, Mr. Dick-in-Mouth/Butt? When are you going to die from AIDS contracted from a wild pig phallus? What goes around, comes around, butt-fucker.

There was (much) more, of course, but that's enough talk of wild pig phalluses for now.

There were also some nice comments:

I am a long time listener of the podcast but this is my first time contacting you. I casually clicked on the comments on your most recent stranger column post on Facebook, and oh my god! people are insane/so fucking mean! I understand you to be someone with thick skin and a high tolerance for bullshit and hatred but i thought I'd just send some love your way—no matter how tough you are it can't feel good to have a bunch of bigots yell some bullshit at you because you dared insult their beloved Melania. You do such wonderful things for all kinds of people and I am so grateful for your humor, advice, kindness, and tough love. Even though you've never given advice specifically to me, your wisdom has helped my confidence, my relationship, and my understanding of myself. You've also been invaluable to me as someone in school to become a therapist—I've learned so much about what relationships should and shouldn't look like from the vantage point of safety and honesty (as opposed to traditional views of what relationships should look like). I prioritize being a sex positive therapist and have you to thank for much of my understanding of what that means.

You are probably thinking, "Calm down lady, I'm fine and don't give a fuck about those troglodytic Facebook demons," but just in case it ever gets to you, please know how important what you do is!

Okay! Enough about Melanie Melania and enough about me. Here's some reader advice for Dirty Mouth Guy:

I have gotten yeast infections from oral before. If a guy was chewing gum, or just had a pop (soda), that tiny little addition of sugar to my flora balance can give me a YI. My delicate flora also reacts to unwashed hands. So for me, as long as everything is clean, I'm good. Otherwise, it can turn into a mess down there.

With all due respect, I think you may have missed the boat with your answer to Dirty Mouth Guy, whose wife refused receptive oral sex after she developed a yeast infection. A lot of what feels like yeast is actually BV, which has been associated with receptive oral sex, and recurrent BV can be extremely distressing to women, causing them to avoid sex altogether. Many "yeast" infections are self diagnosed. Step one is for DMG's wife to see her doctor and verify the diagnosis.

And, finally, some thoughts on Beauty and the Beast:

I just heard your podcast with Amanda Marcotte’s review of Beauty and the Beast. I laughed out loud when you two addressed the fantasy clung to by so many women that they can change their man with the power of their love. I laughed because this is precisely the subject of my song “So You Think That You Can Fix Him”, which has struck a chord particularly with women over 30. Here it is. The song was directly inspired by the fascinating book Girls Like Us by Sheila Weller, a triple biography of Carly Simon, Carole King and Joni Mitchell. These three talented, powerful, successful women were forever getting involved with charismatic but impossible men (usually James Taylor) and staying with them in the hope of... well, you know the rest. I’m a big fan of yours and a Magnum subscriber. You’ve made my Tuesdays!

Loved the song...

...so now I'm a big fan of yours now too, David!

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