Ana Sofia was on the scene to witness the eviction of Omari Tahrir-Garrett from the Umoja PEACE Center in the Central District yesterday.
Ana Sofia was on the scene to witness the eviction of Omari Tahrir-Garrett from the Umoja PEACE Center in the Central District yesterday. Ana Sofia Knauf

Trump's Budget Plan Slices Away Funding for Poor People, Science, Arts: It's everything you'd expect a Trumpian budget to do, including a $54 billion increase in discretionary spending on defense (which already makes up more than half of our country's discretionary spending budget). There's also another $2.6 billion for the border wall and $1.4 billion for charter schools. The Washington Post has a good visual breakdown of the agencies losing the most, including the Environmental Protection Agency (-31%), the State Department (-29%), Ag (-21%), Labor (-21%), and Health and Human Services (-18%).

At Least Two Separate Judges Froze Travel Ban 2.0: The new ban would have taken effect at midnight were it not for two federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland, who granted temporary restraining orders on the latest executive order. Immigrant rights advocates and the Washington State Attorney General are still waiting to hear the latest on their litigation from Judge James Robart.

Inslee Declares State of Emergency in 28 Counties Due to Winter Storms: The storms have caused major damage to roads, utilities, and homes. The emergency declaration allows Inslee to ask for federal assistance from FEMA, which may or may not exist four to eight years from now.

Eviction of Omari Tahrir-Garrett from Central District Sparks Protest: Ana Sofia was at the scene yesterday as Tahrir-Garrett, a longtime organizer for Seattle's black community at the Umoja PEACE Center, was evicted from his home near 24th Avenue and Spring Street. Tahrir-Garrett's son, Wyking Garrett, is battling another eviction of arts and entrepreneurship organization Black Dot nearby. "The particulars of each case are in dispute," the Times' Dan Beekman writes. "But both evictions are precursors to redevelopment and both are inflaming anxieties about what may happen to the property and the neighborhood."

700,000 Washingtonians Could Lose Healthcare Under GOP Obamacare Replacement: "Replacing lost Medicaid funding could cost the state $1.3 billion per year by 2023, according to the governor's office," Heidi writes. "The loss of coverage would hit poor and rural Washingtonians particularly hard, the governor and insurance commissioner say."

And on Blabbermouth: Eli, Rich, and Dan discuss the nationwide impacts of Trumpcare, Rachel Maddow's tax scoop, and the free speech debate over Charles Murray's presence at Middlebury College. Listen here.

US Attorney Launches Investigation into Swedish Neurosurgery After Seattle Times Exposé: After two high-profile resignations and an investigation from state regulators, the US Attorney's involvement is the latest impact from a major story in the Times that documented concerns over patient care and "how some surgeons juggled multiple operations at the same time."

Cat Lost, Then Found, in Sea-Tac Airport Ceiling: The cat, named Batman, wiggled away from her owner while TSA agents inspected her carrier. Five days later, Sea-Tac's in-house biologists—who normally deal with flocks of birds that interrupt runway traffic—finally ensnared the runaway cat. A port employee returned Batman to her owner in Washington, D.C. on a business trip. "There was no joyful reunion," the Seattle Times reports. "This is a cat."

Speaking of Airports, Trump Taps Boeing Exec as Secretary of Defense: Patrick Shanahan is also a regent at the University of Washington.