Today in Hard-Hitting Investigative Journalism: Is that Beer Really a Pint?


That's great. Here in Vancouver, researchers from the Sun found much less reassuring results. Of course, a pint here is an imperial pint, which is 20oz - as God intended.…
You should check out more of the popular bars around Capitol Hill. A few of your favorite hipster bars definitely use 14 oz pints
That Optimism glass may well be an imperial pint.
@1 I was going to say something similar. Especially if you're drinking an English top-brewed beer or an IPA, only an Imperial pint glass is appropriate. And, yes, it is 20 ounces, but they're slightly smaller ounces. It's about 19 of our ounces.

By the way, a real imperial pint glass has an etched line and a little crown.
Ooh! I want to see if Barboza passes the test! I was always skeptical about their plastic glasses
You might need to investigate more than three establishments before claiming this issue is officially debunked.
Yeah, Barboza's "pints" look tiny...Also, whatever else I might think about Dave Meinert's establishments, I have never felt shorted in the booze dept.
McMenamins doesn't claim to be serving pints so maybe it's not misleading but I still expected the large beer to be a pint.
We regulate scales so that you know that you have an honest pound of kale, why not regulate pints?
Anyone deliberately selling Pints that are less than 16 ounces is committing consumer fraud. We don't need a new law or ordinance to say that a Pint is 16 ounces; it already is.
So if I find a place consistently selling short pints, what's the number to call for enforcement? (And yeah, I'd give them one public shaming/warning.)
Just because the container is 16oz does not mean that the pour is 16oz. The standard Libby's cocktail mixing glass was never intended as a beer glass. A real pint glass is about 18oz with a 16oz fill line. If you want to do a proper test, pour the liquid contents into a graduated cylinder. In Seattle you'll probably get about 13 oz on average. Or, just go get a beer gauge.