What People Are Saying About Ijeoma Oluo's Rachel Dolezal Story


You can't say I am not black because I AM WHITE!
I don't enjoy Charles Mudede currently as a writer because he seems to have gotten lazy & click-baity.

But according to Ijeoma Oluo, he puts a lot more effort into his editing, so for that alone I'm glad he's stuck with The Stranger: having an eye for stories & how to help other writers turn their stories into the best version possible.
Behold, those that do not want to have the needed discussion about Race in America. Hey kids, you can't have it both ways. Either allow the discussion with all its wild and wacky turns and twists or continue to attempt to shut it down.
There's a rather striking commonality running through these responses, isn't there?

I do not want to think about Rachel Dolezel anymore

This is, over and over, the "last" article to read about her, for people who are "so sick" of her. This is the piece of writing that will finally put an end to any anger or discomfort you may have felt while thinking about this woman, and what she has done.
i have zero problem thinking about her.

she illuminates the length people will go to outrun themselves and their past. her charade is exposed, and she is now powerless to defraud the NAACP or EWU. let her wave her narcissist's freak flag - she neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg being delusional about her ethnicity. particularly out there in the styx.

she needs an income, though. she has kids to support.