Ed Murray Supports a City Income Tax and He’d Really Like You to Think It Was His Idea (It Wasn't)


Regardless of who gets the credit, this would be great. However, the slogan "Tax the rich!" pretty much translates to "Tax the Everyone!" in Seattle.

So McGinn publicizes the city income tax idea at his re-election attempt announcement and suddenly Murray has been working on just such an idea for a month? Riiiiiiight.

The Pothole Palooza announcement yesterday (hey, who isn't in favor of pothole filling?!) was also priceless.

Mayor grasping, grasping, grasping at the straws blowing awaaaaaayyyyyyyy.
Doubt it. Most wealthy people are good at legally avoiding taxes. They pay 7 or 8 percent total while you poor pay 30 percent.

Just saying. Only if there is a flat income tax with a base 1,000,000 USD exemption and no exceptions on all income including deferred would this mean anything
Ed Murray should run for state office and try to change Washington's laws prohibiting an income tax. Maybe state representative or senator. Or both.
Can you copyright ideas?
@3. Those making over 250k pay over half the federal income tax. Sure there are extreme examples of unfairness by the rich, but it's hardly the norm.


If Seattle passes an income tax, I would suspect the WA legislature to ban it pretty quickly.
@6With the east side Democrats leading the charge
wow, talk about a 'hail mary' effort, tryna take the wind out his opponents sails? selfish maneuver, imho.
I'm just commenting here to commend DOUG.'s straight-faced, cold-blooded takedown @4.
@6, they wouldn't need to. The State Supreme Court already ruled income taxes are unconstitutional, back in the 30s. This is a token gesture, at best.