Buzzkill: Rachel Ramone Donlan, left, and Collette Cobb, are arrested after handing out joints during the 1st Annual Congressional #JointSession pot giveaway.
Buzzkill: Rachel Ramone Donlan, left, and Collette Cobb, are arrested after handing out joints during the 1st Annual Congressional #JointSession pot giveaway. TOM WILLIAMS VIA GETTY

Happy 4/20! Hopefully you were able to chillax yesterday and celebrate the unofficial holiday by sparking up, settling down, and perusing our Green Guide—chock full of stories about pricey bongs, using weed to help cope with Trump trauma, and more. If you haven't seen it yet, go give it a read. But first, catch up on this week's weed news, which includes a joint-giveaway protest going up in smoke, a remake of the infamous “This is Your brain on Drugs” PSA, and a breakdown of how much weed Washington has produced so far (more than a few bongfuls, that’s for sure!)...

Protesters Give Out Joints to Congressmen, Promptly Get Arrested

Nine activists from Washington DC cannabis advocacy group DCMJ were arrested yesterday for giving out marijuana as part of their “1st Annual Congressional Joint Session.” The goal was to hand out 1,227 joints to congressional members and staff to raise awareness about House Resolution 1227, which seeks to end federal marijuana prohibition. Though the activists tried to “stay on the right side” of federal land (weed is illegal in the 29 percent of the District that is on federal land), the activists were arrested anyway. "We contend the arrests were politically motivated," says Nikolas Schiller, co-founder of DCMJ. You don’t say? Unfazed, the group is still planning a “smoke in” on the Capitol steps for Monday.

Relax, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Says Weed Will Be Ok. Wait, No.

On Sunday, during NBC's Meet the Press, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said that marijuana will not be "a factor" in the upcoming war on drugs, and the war wouldn’t involve "arresting a lot of users." However, by Tuesday, he seemed to change his mind entirely, calling cannabis “a potentially dangerous gateway drug.”

This is Your Brain on Drug Policy

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook did a remake of her famous 1997 egg and frying pan “This is Your Brain on Drugs” PSA from 1997. This time, the video takes a turn to talk about how the war on drugs is ruining lives—especially those of people of color—by targeting them for mass incarceration. Check it out:

Medical Marijuana Helps Keep Medicaid Prescription Drug Costs Down

In the past 10 years, there’s been a decline in prescription medication for Medicaid enrollees—and marijuana may just be responsible, according to research done for the journal Health Affairs:

Researchers affiliated with the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Georgia found that in 2007 total Medicaid savings associated with medical cannabis laws were $260.8 million, reaching $475.8 million in 2014.

Someone call Paul Ryan!

Wow, Washington State Has Grown Lots of Weed

Over 150,000 pounds in fiscal year 2017 alone.

Hackers Demand Ransoms for Pot Instagram Accounts

First, they came for the supermodels. Now they’re after high-end pot businesses—hackers have been holding marijuana-related Instagram accounts hostage, often demanding ransoms for the accounts in the thousands of dollars.

Kentucky Burns Hemp Crop with Too Much THC in It


College Kids Are Smoking Lots of Weed (Is This News?)

By now we all know senior citizens are reaping the benefits of the herb, but what’s up with the youth of the nation? Um, they’re smoking weed—and lots of it. First time marijuana use among college age students in the US is at an all-time—you guessed it—high. And according to this study, more millennials are choosing weed over alcohol.

Wine and Weed Can Coexist

But most wineries aren’t worried about losing those valuable millennial dollars to weed. In a recent New York Times article, food and wine writer Tina Caputo said, "We haven’t actually seen anybody who’s laying down their glass of wine to pick up a bong. There’s room in people’s lives for both." The first ever Wine and Weed Symposium will be taking place in Santa Rosa, California in August.

Ya’ll Bring Lots of Weed onto Airplanes, America

Despite the TSA’s super-confusing policy of pot possession on planes, 52 percent of US travelers say they’ve flown with marijuana, according to a survey of 5,000 people from In the same study, only 10 percent say they’ve tried marijuana while traveling overseas.